Citizen Wonders if Americans Have Abandoned “Free Speech”


July 24, 2017

Dear Friends,

What has happened to “polite discourse” or just plain old “discourse” or “friendly argument?”

Have we abandoned any effort to sustain our language and our culture (along with our borders)??

Are we at the point where we can hardly utter a thought (let alone express an opinion), without being accused of racism, sexism, fascism, elitism, white-supremecism/privilegism/culturalism, etc., or some sort of “phobia” (Islamo, Xeno, Homo, Judo, Euro etc.) which can be used to end discussion or discourage expression of an alternate viewpoint?!

How many great ideas have been “stifled” for fear of disturbing “the new norms of free speech” (which is to say – agree with the “liberal viewpoint” or get shouted down)?

Whatever happened to Conversationism?

Are we suffering from Discussophobia?

Doesn’t learning evolve from the free exchange of ideas and debate?

I believe America’s Constitution should be observed as “Written, Amended and Intended;” that’s what makes this country worth coming to.


The foregoing constitutes my opinion (basically – there are exceptions that can be enumerated in following “conversation”) regarding “free speech.”

I want to know your opinion, (even if you support censoring speech you don’t agree with) so please, let me know what you think (in a civil, reasoned way).

May God Bless America

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