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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 23, 2017) — Journalist Sharyl Attkisson has compiled a chart of “information sources,” or news outlets, with approximate positions on a left-right continuum of “media bias” stemming from her own research and reader input.

Comments and suggestions are open on her website as this article goes to press.  “Think a source should be moved? Want one added? Leave a comment!” Attkisson wrote in her explanation of the project.

Attkisson is a 20-year veteran of CBS News who departed the company in 2014 and now hosts “Full Measure” sponsored by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The show airs on some traditional broadcast networks and at 9:30 AM ET on the Internet every Sunday.

She is the author of two books, one of which is currently available on pre-order, is a senior independent contributor to The Daily Signal.

Recent additions to the chart are the websites Conservative Treehouse, Gateway Pundit, and Twitchy.  Other blogs listed include The Daily KOS, Politifact, and Zero Hedge.

The report and reader responses can be found here:   https://sharylattkisson.com/media-bias-a-new-chart/

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  1. Recall that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group supported, if not hosted, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and were, along with the SBVT, subjected to various attempts by the DNC and John Kerry’s campaign to silence them…to no avail. :-)

    Sharyl Attkisson: You GO Girl!!

    Thank you Sinclair Broadcasting Group!!

  2. America 1620-2016: from self-government with justice for all to selfish government for “just us”.

    Today, millions of minions called “U.S. Government” do pretty much whatever is necessary to secure their personal perks and pensions, and the hell with their civilian pukes called “We the People”.

    If any drive-by readers living on a daily diet of sound bites has any doubt that our so-called U.S. Government is now “just us cronies”, spend 15 minutes reviewing the archives of this PE site and you will begin to see The Light. Then, if you are hungry for more knowledge, here is food for thought: STONEWALLED https://www.amazon.com/Stonewalled-Obstruction-Intimidation-Harassment-Washington/dp/0062322850#reader_0062322850
    and this http://www.thepostemail.com/2017/04/09/america-hard-fix/

    Thanks to Knowledge Patriots Sharon and Sharyl et al, an otherwise dark and sinister “just us cronies” is placed under the spotlight for all otherwise busy and distracted We the People to see up close for themselves. But what will We the People then do with these glaring revelations?

    For example, millions of adult Americans who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 do not even know who they voted for. How could they, since “just us cronies” withheld the full identity of a known islamic insurgent, Barry Soetoro-Obama, from seeing the light of day. THINK ABOUT THIS: on 9-11-01 America’s skies were infiltrated by islamic infiltrators and on 08-28-08 America’s govern-mental structure was infiltrated by islamic infiltrator-traitors because our selfish “just us cronies” abandoned We the People on Main Street USA!

    Do you now see The Light and now know that Barry Soetoro-Obama NEVER WAS, NEVER IS AND NEVER WILL BE AMERICA’S 44TH PRESIDENT? In Truth, how could he be?

    It’s not always easy being out on the lonely frontiers of Truth; Galileo Galilei risked death by the Church for revealing, after some 1900 years of deified erroneous Church-thought, that Earth is not the center of the universe; and the Wright Brothers endured ridicule right up until First Flight on December 17, 1903. And now. Sharon and Sharyl stand out like modern-day Joans of Arc surrounded by a sea of selfishness standing up for Truth-in-government!

    Weaponize your minds with 1NF0 from Sharon and Sharyl et al, INDEPENDENTLY THINK FOR YOURSELF and become a Knowledge Patriot taking a road less traveled on to Truth on the Lexington Green of oncoming Theft Left collectivism, islamic mind-slavery and brainWashington DeCeit from “just us cronies”!