by Cody Robert Judy, ©2017

(Mar. 20, 2017) — LAST NIGHT’S DREAM was interesting. I saw huge 22, 23-foot high elephants being ridden and performing side passes and dressage movements I have used with training horses .

I inquired to the Master Trainer of the Elephant as I watched him side pass a mighty elephant,  “Are they naturally flexible or do you have to work at it a lot?” He said, ” They are naturally quite flexible.”

I was rather stunned thinking about all the time I’ve spent working on horses flexibility which must be worked on to get them supple for movements.

As I thought about this revelation, it dawned on me, Republicans have been winning like crazy across the Nation because of this political tenant that is rather unknown or obscure to #Democrats.

You see Democrats have lost over 1,000 races across the country since Obama usurped the office with his fabricated identification.

Democrats have thought they were the flexible ones because of their stances on issues like Marriage Rights and Choice, but once those things became Law, Republicans adopted and adapted.

Frantic, Democrats have lost because of this natural flexibility of Republicans. What’s more Democrats have lost because they haven’t been firm when it counted in their own Party. They helped Obama win.

Really, the only time that not being flexible is important is when a line is drawn in the sand . It could be a finish line to a political race, or a hard line Constitutional Qualification that was quite obvious.

Lines have been drawn to distinguish right and wrong for Centuries.  Jesus Christ drew a line in the sand. Jesus drew a line in the sand here. In the world in which they lived, people could either follow Him or be “of the world”. There could be no straddling of this line… it was either one side or the other. (John 8:6)

Flexibility is good when lining up votes. More people identify with you and agree your capable of leading. Being firm and holding a line can also be just as important.  Without being firm Truth can be lost, Trust can disappear, Sweetness can become bitter.

@CharlesMBlow related in a Tweet and the following Article how much he and his mom hate a lie. His Opinion printed in the new York Times.


But what is his opinion of Obama’s Fraud and Forgery? Obama was not Constitutionally Eligible as a [ natural born citizen] ie. Born in the U.S to Citizen Parents.

Would Obama have been elected if this had been heard by the SCOTUS and Confirmed? What if they would have laughed at him saying your Qualified to run for President in Kenya but not in the U.S. because your not (born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents)? America reserves this Time Honored Qualification Constitutionally.

Read the rest here.

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