by Thomas Pastore, ©2016

(Nov. 22, 2016) — The recent statement (11/22/16), that you will not pursue any further investigation and criminal pursuits of Hillary Clinton has already lost you a large percentage of voters who have put you in the Executive office, an Executive office whose threshold you have yet to cross. The year 2019 is not that far away, and Americans longing for a corruption-cleansed Washington are beginning to see that vision fade. Why would you risk that send term before you begin the first? Your declaration of deeds to pursue is what invigorated an “imprisoned” citizenry.

The alleged criminality of one Hillary Clinton has embedded itself so deeply into the tributaries that leak out of the “Swamp” (that you promised to clean) that anything else other then seeking her indictment that you might do as a “cleaning” process is already viewed as redundant. I don’t need to break out the laundry list of alleged crimes which should have already been prosecuted by the exiting “Hope and Change” crowd.

Do not take away this chance to have a legitimate investigation and prosecution that we all know is more than just speculation. America is owed that much! Revealed emails that allegedly speak of defiance of the law, collusion to violate the law, conspiracy to destroy evidence, endangering the lives of over 300 million people due to unsecured equipment, the transference of classified and higher material through unsecured equipment, and said equipment also determined to have been “hacked” by many foreign interests, etc. are just some of the reasons America deserves and seeks a fair and just review and prosecution should the truth demand such a pursuit. It is our Right! What is and what will be the difference between you and this present administration should you do as they have done?

Donald Trump, this goes higher and further than even your position in our government. The people of America have an undeniable and indisputable right to seek justice. The scars of denial and disdain remain all across America’s back and will remain, regardless of how history rewrites these past eight insufferable years. Too many politicians have felt that America is their playground, when in fact it is the people’s country, though now scorched with the careless disrespect and disregard by those interested in only greedy pursuits.

The country is now so dirtied and tainted that only an aggressive and determined investigation and prosecution could provide the proper detergent for the “cleaning” that you claim to desire. Do the right thing and remove these “boot-prints” of forced crime, distorted “diversity,” and demanded “tolerance” from our backs. Allow the scars to heal.

Should you continue these “politics-as-usual” pursuits, thinking it is for “the greater good,” then you will be tossing around the same lies that have been coming out of Washington for the past eight years. Maybe even unbeknownst to you, your “changeling” process will have begun, and you may not even recognize yourself before the first 100 days. It will be certain that We the People will see you as we see others who have bedded themselves in the satin sheets of “Let’s Make a Deal,” a.k.a. Washington, D.C.

We the People will be forced to recognize that you cannot keep the one (#1), promise that inspired many to get you elected. The disillusion will once again fester and the hope will fade away. We will be compelled to seek another, four years hence, as Uncle Sam begins to turn “blue” from the betrayal injected into his system.

What benefit would any other investigations and/or indictments mean when the only true pursuit is being ignored because you feel they are “good people?” America’s prisons are filled with “good people” because the need for truth and justice had to prevail so as to preserve the integrity and sincerity of a struggling people working towards a civilized society. Who will respect you and the justice system should you turn your back on the very essence and heartbeat of why we have such a justice system? These past eight years have force-fed the people a dictator-style justice that served no one but the Monster of Dissension.

Undoubtedly, the Democrat Party would not have been so kind, as history has reflected in our past pursuits of justice with Watergate, when Hillary herself was determined to seek a “body” to prosecute at any cost.

We should not have to walk a path of treachery to bring back some dignity and respect to America, as both globally and at home, people are waiting, watching, and yes, hoping. Don’t let your words become syllables of meaningless rhyme when you have the grandest of opportunities to rebuild America with deeds…Deeds take Courage, and few leaders have that ingredient!

Let people respect you for what you do, not for what you say. We have had too many words of miscarriage and far too few deeds with honor in an America desperate to restore its identity as well as its intended path.

Making America Great Again is more then just Pontificating at the Podium. One must be ready to honor the will of the people, for the People are also “GOOD” and deserve more from one who chooses to lead.

Let’s not allow history to say “They lost the election but won the war.


Thomas Pastore/Vietnam Veteran/USMC, where the smell of the swamp is beginning to intoxicate America’s opportunity to become “Great.”

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