by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Sep. 30, 2016) — This is war and the worldview clash of the century with Clinton and Trump. Never forget this as you peer through the magic looking glass for debates 2 and 3 and see the smooth and lipstick-laden Hillary doing what she does in her magic show. She distracts, she plays pretend with ‘fact checks,’ attacking Trump with disjointed assaults that don’t exist in any real and fair context. She lies, cheats and steals as she arrogantly smiles away with bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth. She is no ‘first woman’ anything but rather the last woman on earth any one of us should want in the White House running anything.

Never forget that Hillary is a political side show magician. She will always lie and maneuver in the hope that people aren’t looking and deceive. Her long-time and only agenda ever in her fraudulent career has been to gain and keep money and power – the end.

All the talk in the well-rehearsed and ‘sleight-of-hand’ first debate was Hillary working on the side with Holt and assaulting Trump with things out of context and below the belt over and over. Her game was to make ‘the billionaire bully’ explode and look bad. Trump obviously held back in the face of a very tilted, liberal and unfair debate.

I predict in the next debate that we will see Trump come significantly forward on the issues but also with confronting Hillary. With all her endless concern about his taxes, Trump needs to not only demand she share her magical disappearing emails, but also take the cloak off the greedy and criminal enterprise of her and Bill’s Foundation that was a deadly ‘pay-to-play’ scheme and big money trick.

I can’t wait for the next debate. Trump must be prayed up, be completely researched on the issues and risk just being himself. The mass media and brainless crowd will call him names anyway…he hates women, blacks, employees, immigrants…on and on. Trump must bring Trump to the debate and he will win all the way to the White House.

Back to Hillary – the pathetic magician

Ignore the poor card tricks – endless and played health issues to distract us and gain much-needed attention. Hillary has already lost to most real and freedom-loving Americans of all kinds and flavors. She has had nearly 30 years to show us what she can do and if any of the parlor game promises add up. The bitter truth is that none of them have.

At the famous 3:00 AM call time, she failed America and our troops in deadly ways with Benghazi, when Ambassador Stevens and his crew lay tortured and dead after repeated calls for help during the attack. ‘It doesn’t really matter anyway – Hillary’ failed on every critical level, then pulled up another parlor trick to blame it all on a remote Muslim video no one even knew about. Wow — she thinks Americans are dumb as rocks.

Hillary has done nothing to help and serve Americans, our military, protect our freedoms and confront danger and evil. In fact, she has done and promises to continue doing the opposite. Like Obama, she avoids calling radical Islam the enemy and instead plans to bring in masses of Syrian – mystery Islamic legal and illegal — immigrants. Hillary will continue if given a chance to distribute all these Islamic immigrants throughout communities and cities across America. Magic doesn’t have to tell you that ISIS and other Islamic terrorists will be peppered throughout, eagerly planning more deadly terrorist attacks.

Between now and this life-saving or life-losing election, keep your eye on the ball and the real issues. Ignore ‘put-together,’ criminal and rehearsed Hillary and her version of tricks and facts. Also, cut Trump a break if he gets passionate and throws out a one-liner or two in response to Hillary’s lies, assaults and tricks. He is real and she is not.

Vote for America, yourself and freedom – Vote Trump and make Hillary pay for her greed, lies, crimes and failure in leadership…by voting her out.

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