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(Sep. 24, 2016) — The 2016 New York legislature voted to continue the schemes of “Start-Up NY” and the “economic development efforts.” The schemes of these “initiatives” were first voted into law in 2012. From the 2012 inception of these schemes they immediately established massive wrongdoings. Many crimes were rumored and many crimes have been prosecuted and attained convictions. Billions of dollars have been spent and only New York lawmakers and crooks have benefited.

The complexion of New York has been transformed to a land of graft and illegitimate business practices. No jobs and no “legitimate businesses” have been created.

So why did the legislature pass a law that enables the continuance of START-UP NY and continues to promote and fund “projects” like “the Buffalo Billions” that are known crimes and failures?

Answer: Either every legislator who voted to pass these schemes is dumber than dumb – totally incompetent – OR criminals in their complicity and/or “participation.”

For decades New York government has devised schemes with the supposed intention of attracting business and jobs. Examining the results of the past decades of schemes, history shows that 80%-90% are absolute failures which attracted unscrupulous “entities” and encouraged massive bribery, theft, fraud and corruption between government officials and said “entities.” ALL – every last one – of the legislators knew the history, yet they increased the schemes in 2012 – AND NOW – in 2016 – they have accelerated and increased them more.

In the recent past U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has convicted dozens of legislators, their cohorts AND NOW has just indicted 10 more for “participating in extensive bribery and fraud schemes relating to upstate economic development initiatives” (START-UP NY). No one can deny – Albany is full – top to bottom – with criminals and complicit legislators. Every one of them knows what’s going on. Every one of them is GUILTY!

YOU have the opportunity on November 8 to vote. Every NY senator and assemblyman is up for reelection. “Some” incumbents may be thought to have done “some” good in New York – BUT – the sum total of their performance is wrongful, criminal and a detriment to the well-being of New York.

New Yorkers – It’s TRUE “Albany IS a Cesspool” – We have nothing to lose –

November 8: Vote ALL incumbents OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!

NOTE: Remember: Libous, Skelos and Silver – THE TOP LEADERS – ALL CONVICTED – those “incumbents” are gone BUT the corruption continues.

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