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by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Aug. 15, 2016) — Throughout the long history of mankind, at least through the recorded epochs, there have been many forms of religious practices.  Many periods, prior to a written language, chronicled events and social milieus via word of mouth or epic tales passed down through the generations.  Later came inscribed verses which required alphabets or symbols for a structured language.

One of the things that remain consistent and always extant in the history of mankind has been the belief in some form of deity and the rules required to adhere to the tenets of a belief which formed around a loving god.  Even the earliest inhabitants of this world understood that there was just too much to understand and comprehend.   There had to be, even to these pre-civilization people, something higher, something ubiquitous that controlled all which was beyond their ability to comprehend.

Many societies, simply because there was no way to grasp the sun, the moon and the stars hanging over their heads inconsistently with their gravity-controlled existence, would elevate these things to god status.   Some common peoples, seeing their rulers existing in a caste so far above the misery and struggles they endured, were easily convinced they were gods on earth.

As the physical world became more understood there still remained, and will forever remain, unanswered questions.  The belief in a god or gods grew from these new revelations, and organized religions began to form.  Still, religions idolized several deities as opposed to a one true and singular God.   Many scholars believe that Judea was chosen by God as the communication vehicle from heaven to earth, as it had advanced to an ideology of one God.  The Jews were not chosen to be special or forever favored, but they were chosen to deliver the message of a One and only Father.

Over the millennia, except for short-lived beliefs in sun gods or volcanic deities which demanded human sacrifices, every organized religion has been founded on the approval of a good and loving god.   Whether it be Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, or any of the other hundreds of systematized faiths, the common theme for all of them remained the same.  Do good, care for your common man, love him as you would love the god which reigns supreme over your world.

All, that is, except one.  There is one dubious religion which provides not for love of the fellow man, but demands his death, a death void of compassion and filled with incomprehensible bloodletting, destruction, misery and evil.  They label this malevolence as a religion, while in truth it encompasses less religion than the cold and heartless thought process of a shark devouring a baby seal.  They at times quote phrases of peace and love while in the same breath preach, condone and require hatred, deceit and murder.

These practitioners claim that their god is all-powerful and void of any fault or ability to err, but curiously he (it) has created human beings for the sole purpose of being eliminated.  They will never address why their god would produce infidels, guilty of nothing more than where or how they were born, only to be decapitated, drowned in cages, set afire, tossed from roof tops or stoned to death.

Contemplations such as that will never be considered by the purveyors of this evil.  They will not ever allow themselves to be confronted with or be forced to consider them because to do so, would lower the veil, excuse the intentional pun, and expose the insanity of their beliefs.

As we discuss this, I am reminded of that idiot Will Smith who recently made some comments about how much the Muslim people of Dubai love him.  This statement was presented for the sole purpose of obfuscating the dangers posed by Islamic terror and thereby denigrating those who are concerned about it.   Will Smith seems to have forgotten or never paid attention to the special love that Islam showed to the Orlando nightclub patrons, nor did he not notice the love the Islamists showed to those men burned alive in cages, or for that matter, the love they have shown for those hundreds of kneeling infidels in orange jumpsuits prior to their jugular veins being sliced open or their brains splattered in the sand.

The comical Will Smith had better pray that these persons he so affectionately admires and whom he claims admire him never get a chance to show him what their love really looks like.  His last ignoble snicker will be followed by his last vision on this earth.

Food for thought: Would anyone enter a restaurant if some of the previous patrons had very recently died of food poisoning?  How about if you were promised that most of the food is good and wholesome and that only a few items on the menu posed a threat?  What if you were told that nothing has been done to find and remove the dangerous food items because they represented such a small percentage of the overall wonderful food available?   Would that convince you to feed anything in that establishment to one of your children?  Would you encourage others to sit and dine there?  Clearly Will Smith, Obama and Hillary Clinton have no worries about challenging those odds, mostly because their elitist positions will never offer them that possibility.  But your family? Not their worry.

A thoughtful warning:  As long as the chefs preparing the menu and the purveyors of Islam harbor and champion death and misery, neither shall belong to nor be tolerated in a civilized society.  It is as much their duty to fix it as it is for a concerned society to refuse to exist in fear of it.  Dangerous menu items had better be removed or the time will come when the people will close down that restaurant, permanently.

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