by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2016

Is the current political system of decades of service, political action committees and high congressional salaries that which the Founders envisioned?

(Jun. 2, 2016) — Speaking of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Cathy Burke of Newsmax wrote on Tuesday, “In an interview on Politico’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, the Alabama lawmaker — an early backer of the real estate billionaire — says Republican lawmakers have to ‘adjust to reality.'”

Sen. Sessions was only partially right when he noted that “failure to support Donald Trump will likely get you voted out of office.” Now wouldn’t that be catastrophic?” Most of “them” have done nothing to warrant their being re-elected anyway. The Will of the People means absolutely NOTHING to these diehard, disrespectful, anti-constitutionalist idiots.

Sessions can certainly be counted among the very few patriotic Americans in the United States Senate. The vast majority in both houses are career politicians with only their ignominious desire to feed at the public hog trough for as many years as they can fool the electorate.

Though 49 of the 50 states have applied for the Congress to call an Article V Convention, the leadership appears to be adamantly opposed to that notion. Now, why in the name of God would they be opposed to the most powerful Article in our Constitution? Simple! Greed, pure and, yes, SIMPLE! Most would get voted out of office. Our Founding Fathers would be astounded to learn that there have been incompetents who have been overly-compensated, many for over 20 years, and one, Robert Byrd, for 51 years. The Founders were unanimous in agreeing that members of Congress would see it as their duty to render two or perhaps four years in the House and possibly, as an elder statesman, give of his time and energy in service to the Republic for up to 12 years.

George Washington set the precedent when he refused to serve another four years as President. In fact, not until the arrogant and narcissistic Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw himself as absolutely vital to the nation in 1940 and ran for a third term did a president seek more than two terms.

ChiefExecutive.com reports that “It is no coincidence that the average service life of the average CEO of a big corporation is between 30 and 40 Months.”

Few, if any, members of Congress have the intelligence, honesty. skills or know-how to serve adequately and fruitfully for any more than 3 to 6 years. Heck, once they become entrenched, the perks are too good to just walk away from. In addition, they work only about half the time a laborer works each year and members of Congress are in perpetual re-election mode. If they were really good, efficient and trustworthy they would not have to spend so much time campaigning.

Many have campaign chests containing huge amounts of donated money. One really striking example is a little item called a Leadership PAC or Political Action Committee. From OpenSecrets.org comes this revealing note: “ Politicians collect money for their own campaigns — we all know that. But many of them also raise a separate pot of money, commonly called a leadership political action committee, to help other politicians. By making donations to members of their party, ambitious lawmakers can use their leadership PACs to gain clout among their colleagues and boost their bids for leadership posts or committee chairmanships. Politicians also use leadership PACs to lay the groundwork for their own campaigns for higher office. And some use their PACs to hire additional staff—sometimes even their family members—and to travel around the country or eat in some of Washington’s finest restaurants. The limits on how a politician can spend leadership PAC money are not especially strict.”

Taking into account the last sentence above, let’s take a peek at Paul Ryan’s leadership PAC, “Prosperity Action.” Looking at the PAC Summary Data here, Mr. Ryan took in $2,560,284; he spent $1,789,259. That left a nice nest egg of $1,102,996 and NO debt. No wonder they do NOT want to go out and get a job. They have rigged the system in their favor, and only CONGRESS can change it. Check the chart yourself. It is a Ponzi scheme of the lowest order.

Look up your own congressional representatives; it will open your eyes, WIDE!

The system is a criminal enterprise and we need a BIG CHANGE!

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