by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 3, 2016) — On Saturday, former Trump adviser and current strategic ally Roger Stone tweeted, “Bad news 4 @TedCruz Lawyer4 DC Madam says if anything happens to him a system set up will automatically send list of names/# to media.”

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, dubbed the “DC Madam,” ran an escort service between 1996 and 2007 and was eventually found guilty of money-laundering and racketeering associated with her business, Pamela Martin & Associates.

Her former attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, had released many of the records during Palfrey’s trial but withheld the names of 815 patrons of the escort service at the order of a federal judge, Richard Roberts, issued on May 10, 2007.

In September 2007, Palfrey accused the U.S. government of “outrageous conduct” associated with her trial by allegedly releasing “privileged settlement negotiations” to the press and allegedly attempting to intimidate her elderly mother.

Palfrey reportedly committed suicide on May 1, 2008 on her mother’s property in Florida in order to avoid incarceration.

Sibley believes that the restraining order denies him his First Amendment right to political speech and the public its “right to know” in regard to the content of the phone records, which he has maintained since January are germane to the 2016 presidential race.

On March 28, Sibley appealed to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts for a stay of the restraining order put in place by DC Judge Richard Roberts.

On March 16, Richard Roberts abruptly resigned his post after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of “sexual assault” many years before.  His legal team stated that his resignation was the result of a “disability.”

The Supreme Court docketed the matter on Friday.  Earlier that day, Sibley declared that he had set a “72-hour countdown clock” marking the time at which the remaining Verizon phone records from Palfrey’s now-defunct business will be released to the media automatically from the four servers where it is stored, without any further action on his part, should the clock not be reset at some point in between.

At least two mainstream media outlets – MSNBC and U.S. News & World Report – issued reports last week on Sibley’s claim.

On March 23, the National Enquirer reported that Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate, has had numerous extramarital affairs, one of which allegedly involved a prostitute located in Washington, DC.

Two women speculated to have become involved with Cruz, who is married with two young daughters, have denied the claim.  Cruz accused the Trump campaign of being the source of the story, which Trump and Stone separately denied.

To the public’s knowledge, Cruz has not filed a defamation lawsuit against the Enquirer.  Since its story was published, some in the media have questioned Cruz as to its veracity, to which he has either failed to respond or described it as “garbage.”

Stone stated on two radio shows last week that Cruz will not sue the Enquirer because its story is “largely true.”

On March 17, the hacker group “Anonymous” posted a video in which a disguised voice said that evidence that Cruz was hiding something from the public had been gathered and would be released if he did not exit the race.  The posting has since been removed.

Sibley, who in 2012 was a write-in presidential candidate and publicly challenged Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve in that capacity, believes that Cruz, according to the Framers of the Constitution, also may be ineligible.

On April 14, 2009, Sibley published a book titled, “Why Just Her” detailing the government’s prosecution of Palfrey leading up to her suicide and the “client list” containing the names of “the most powerful men in the world.”

After his law license was suspended for three years as a result of his defense of Palfrey, Sibley declined to renew it, citing systemic corruption within the legal profession.  He now teaches a “privacy law” course at Northern Virginia Community College and is a consultant with Privacy Compliance Consulting located in Rockville, MD.

The Post & Email calculates that if Sibley’s countdown clock has not been reset since Friday, the time at which it was set to expire is some point on Monday, April 4.

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  1. Isn’t all of this just idle gossip? Not a Cruz supporter, but as a Christian I don’t believe that Jesus would engage in gossip. If the evidence is there then release it. Otherwise just shut up and mind your own business.

    1. All of our articles post automatically on Facebook and Twitter. Also, we had icons installed about two months ago which allow the reader to post to a wide variety of social media platforms. Those are found under the plus-sign icon appearing at the upper-right of the home page.

  2. In my business for 28 years now I’ve noticed that my dishonest competitors always claim very loudly that they are ‘Good Christians”
    and yet they rip people off all the time. They believe this instils confidence in the older people and that is who they prey on.

  3. if it’s true, then it needs to be made public, I am sick and tired of these men declaring their Christianity, with a Bible in their hand, all the while their behavior is more like a wild heathen!!!