by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Mar. 22, 2016) — It was early in the spring of 1969, Badran Abu Habsah had just turned 20 years old.  Although Badran was not born early enough to remember the devastating defeat the Islamic world was dealt by the sub-human Israelis, the same could not be said of the latest humiliating defeat of 1967.

A young and exceedingly bright young man of 18 during that brief war, Badran’s family had had ties with a clan headed by Ahmed Yassin.  Yassin had watched Badran for several years and he was certain that he would be the one to accomplish the “Great Plan.”  As a result, much to Badran’s dismay, he had been sent to Europe for special schooling.

As was every young man born in the Gaza Strip, he was taught from the earliest days to hate the Jews and anyone or anything that aided or partnered with them.  Badran in fact had developed a particularly powerful hate for Israel as he had lost several cousins and two brothers as well as his father, consequential to clashes with the IDF.  In fact Badran’s oldest brother was now in Paradise as a result of his bravery and martyrdom.  He could not recall the circumstances, a school bus or a supermarket; those details are not important, just that his hero brother had sent some Jews to perdition ahead of schedule.  Allah is good!

Early one morning Badran saw on the news that the ’67 war was raging.  Confident that this time the Islamic world would see the annihilation of the Little Satan and wanting so desperately to take a hand in it, he contacted his family and requested they allow him to return home and join the fight.  That night he got his answer when an emissary from Ahmed Yassin knocked on his dormitory door. It was none other than Khaled Mashal of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Khaled sat Badran down, looked into his expectant eyes and broke the news.  He would not be going back to fight the Israelis.  Khaled reminded him of the previous years when Badran had many times asked for a chance to kill Jews and join his brother in paradise, but had been refused.  For that same reason now, his request to return home to the war is being denied.  The reason?  “The Great Plan.”

Badran’s education continued in Europe as the wicked ways of the Western Infidels were ingrained into his psyche, American culture was studied, the English language became second nature, as repugnant it was. Now two years later the next step was to begin.   Heading to America.

The House of Saud, followers of the Sunni sect, as were the Palestinians, worked together on the “Great Plan” and thus provided Badran with the required diplomatic visas and travel documents which allowed his legal entrance into America as the next phase began.

Badran, successfully and completely became Americanized without losing even the slightest quantity of hatred for the infidels.  Every moment, looking at or talking to Americans repulsed him.  Such commitment to the cause and personal sacrifice would surely gain him a special place in Allah’s kingdom.  Allah willing.

He had been chosen those many years ago, not just for his superior intellect but also his almost saintly good looks and physical stature.  Traits that would be carried on genetically to the next generation.  The year was 1971 and now it was time for Badran to take a wife.

She was Alice Darbi, the beautiful daughter of Amir Darbi who had, again with the assistance of the House of Saud, immigrated to America after fleeing the Israeli Mossad which accused him of supplying suicide vests for future servants of Allah.  With his new identity, Amir settled in the American state called Maryland.  Close, but not too close to the powerful city of Washington, DC.

As prearranged, Alice was introduced to the strapping young Palestinian, Badran, and after several controlled and guided meetings, dinners and social events, Badran and Alice became man and wife. It may not have been what people would call a match made in heaven, but it was ordained by Allah.

By 1972, their status was set, and despite the continuing procession and implementation of the Great Plan, as viewed from the outside this was a typical coupling of two cultures.  A Palestinian and a second generation red-blooded American girl.  It was exactly what it was supposed to be and it looked like it was supposed to look.

Badran and his American wife needed to be further educated on the coming implementation and so they were summoned to Qatar where they settled into a small community and lived there for the next 5 years.  During which time the birth of a beautiful young boy, by the grace of Allah, had occurred.

Mr. and Mrs. Badran Habsah, following additional orientation, were then ordered back to America and settled into the beautiful community of Katy, Texas.  There they raised their young son, Daleel (Dan) Habsah.  Danny was, just as suspected, smart, articulate and wonderfully good-looking and from birth, as were all Muslim children, he was taught hate for America and all infidels.  This training included methods for hiding this loathing behind loving eyes and comfortable smiles.  The Great Plan moves forward.

By the year 2007 Dan had completed graduate school, received a law degree and was beginning to dabble, as he was predestined to do, in politics.  Also during this time Dan’s father, Badran, as he was ordered to do, went through the process and, much to his revulsion, became an American citizen.  Decades of preparations were now about to culminate into fruition as Dan Habsah announced his candidacy for the office of the Presidency of the United Sates.

The people had no idea of his inbred hatred for all infidels, his plans to drain Israel of its lifeblood, undermine America’s security, create massive debt, provoke racial tensions, dismantle the military, flood America with Islamic terrorists and in a very short period of time provide the PLO and other organizations all the powerful weapons and funding they would need to wipe Israel from existence.  Dan was so likeable and so good at lying and deceptiveness, no one in all of America could imagine the sinister plot being implemented against them, their country and their allies.

Dan’s run for the highest office in the world was being covered nonstop by national news outlets around the world.   Imagine, a young man, born of a foreign Middle Eastern father and a mother from Maryland, had struggled through prejudices and cultural divisiveness, and is now leading substantially in every national poll. Allah is great!

Speaking of great.  The Great Plan, following decades of implementation, meticulous scrutinizing, the search for just the right characteristics which could not fail to be pleasing to a gullible American public, has come together.  The end of world domination by the Great Satan and the destruction of the sub-human infidels occupying Palestine was finally going to happen. Praise Allah!

Then, from out of nowhere there came some very disturbing news.  The Great Plan was about to spiral out of control.  The designers of this 40-year effort to remove America’s domination from the world stage had missed something.  Something those American pork-eating repulsive creatures called “Article II.”  How could the brightest of Islamic minds have missed this?  Why had not Allah warned of and illuminated this project-ending problem?

It appears that this Article II thing, authored by past infidels, prevents the child of a foreigner and who was born outside of the country from becoming President.  Who could possibly have imagined such a thing?  Nothing remained to do now except pull the plug and to return Daleel (Dan) to Palestine.  At least he could now be fitted with a suicide vest, much like the one his father had so much desired.  Well, maybe not.  Seems Israel built a stupid wall.  Where the heck is Allah when you need him?

But wait! Just as the final departure preparations were being implemented, word came down from the Muslim Brotherhood leadership.  The project has been saved.  The USA and Israel will meet their long-deserved destiny after all.  It seems there was a man gifted to Islam by Allah.  A man who has now saved the Great Plan.  A traitor maybe, a fool possibly and an idiot for sure.  His name?  Senior Judge Dan Pellegrini of the state of Pennsylvania.

Praise be to Allah.

Allah Akbar!


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  1. I, too, filed a lawsuit over Obama’s use of a stole CT social security number.


    My case was dismissed, in part, because the judge said I was under the misconception that it was wrong to use and incorrect SSN.

    I had standing because I had been certified as a write-in candidate for president.

  2. My family arrived in America in 1628 aboard the William and Mary sailing vessel. I am a direct descendant of John Jay, the one of Supreme Court fame. My grandparents fought in the Civil War. I was born in America, went to school in America, served America in the Marine Corps. That said, I have absolutely no desire to run for President.

  3. Dear Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH,
    When I ran for president in 2012 I also brought suit against Obama for being ineligible to serve as POTUS. And even though both of my parents were born in the USA (Washington and Montana) by American citizens and I was born in California and can directly trace my family tree to a great-grandmother who was the daughter of a Cherokee Chief, the unanimous rulings was I, of all people, had “NO STANDING” to know whether my president was a fraud or not.
    Obama’s a fraud, but the Court (s) were bought-off – and there’s no other word — by traitors and the USA has reaped the whirlwind of lies and deception.
    After my Honorable Discharge from the US military, and after 9-11, I wrote the Prime Minister of Israel volunteering to serve in the IDF for free, only to be turned-down because of an age requirement, much to my dismay.
    Nevertheless, my meager contribution to the war effort consists of writing editorials and I applaud anyone who helps in the cause of supporting the Constitution.
    Thank you for writing such a fine article.