by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 23, 2016) — On Saturday evening, “Full Measure” anchor Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS News, asked on Twitter, “When did the news decide their job is to tell u what to think rather than give info & let you decide?”

Below her tweet was one from the Des Moines Register Editorial Board endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio for president.

Years ago, newspapers did not endorse any candidate. The Post & Email does not and will not.

Approximately an hour after Attkisson issued her tweet, Fox News and Forbes contributor Carrie Sheffield expressed her support for the organized campaign, launched by National Review Online on Friday morning, against the candidacy of Donald J. Trump involving commentator Glenn Beck, with whose “The Blaze” Sheffield was once affiliated.

On Saturday, Beck campaigned with Sen. Ted Cruz, who is also seeking the presidency.

Two links to biographical information on Sheffield were found to be dysfunctional by this writer, but her Facebook page reports that she is founder of, a news, information, culture and entertainment website.

The “news” portion of the site contains articles written by individuals associated with other websites, not original content.

Sheffield is reportedly “the 2015 Warren Brookes Journalism Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.”  CEI contains many columns she has written for various outlets and additionally reports of her background, “After beginning her journalism career in Washington with the late columnist Robert Novak, she covered Congress for The Hill newspaper and was a founding reporter at POLITICO. She later wrote editorials for The Washington Times under the late Tony Blankley.”

On Saturday morning, Sheffield was a commentator on Fox News’s “Forbes on Fox” discussing Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s economic policies and her perception that Trump supports Hillary Clinton.

Following the broadcast, a critic of her commentary wrote on her Facebook page:

Carrie your comment on Fox and Friends seems so off to me. I as a women just wanted to tell you I will vote for Donald Trump!!!! You do not know the truth you are leveling your opinion as truth and I see it as stinkin thinkin. Please get real facts!!! #truthprevails #loveamerica

to which Sheffield responded:

But Hiplong Windy if they were so far apart why would he donate $$ to her? Trump says he did so because he was just playing political games. Trump is using you, Hiplong, he is playing his games exploiting you and many others. Trump has no backbone. He was pro-abortion and now pretends he is pro-life. He backs socialized medicine. He is not a true conservative. He is not a public servant, he serves only himself and his ego and his brand. You are smarter than that!

A second commenter then wrote:

Yes Hiplong Windy, she, (Carrie) was way off, one of the ignorant dishonest media types. She forgot to mention Trump’s been leading and the frontrunner since June!

to which Sheffield replied:

Mike, if GOP actually wants to win they can’t nominate someone like Trump. “In a recent YouGov polling of 5,000 independents, 51% said they “would never vote for” Donald Trump. 41% said they would never vote for Ted Cruz. 48% of moderates said they would vote for Hillary Clinton—16 points more than Trump and 22 points more than Cruz.”…/

Another commenter said:

Good job this morning on fox and friends!!!!

A 35-second video on her Facebook page promoting contains a negative depiction of Trump, a response to something he said, and a photo apparently accompanying a news story about presidential candidate Dr. Benjamin Carson’s comments about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday was last Monday.

On Saturday evening, National Review Online is now asking, “What if Trump wins?”


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