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by Sharon Rondeau

New York Assembly candidate Russ Finley has drafted a resolution proposing that St. Lawrence County declare itself “both a sanctuary from the illegal and unconstitutional and overreaching SAFE Act, but also a sanctuary for the Second Amendment of the Constitution.”

(Jan. 9, 2016) — A candidate for New York’s General Assembly, Russ Finley, has submitted to the St. Lawrence County government a resolution stating that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shown a disregard for constitutional governance and rights in regard to the passage of the SAFE Act in January 2013 following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings the month prior in nearby western Connecticut.

In New York, citizens are represented by county legislators as well as by their representatives in the state legislature in Albany.

The SAFE Act was passed hastily, without the customary three-day comment period for citizens.  The law limits magazine clips to seven and reclassified many types of firearms as assault weapons which would need to be registered.

Shortly after the law was passed and signed by Cuomo, The New American reported that “gun owners and even some lawmakers are planning what has been dubbed potentially the largest act of civil disobedience in state history.”

A statement from the New York State Sheriffs’ Association indicated that county sheriffs objected to many provisions of the new law.  In regard to the manner in which the SAFE Act was passed, the organization stated:

It is the view of the Sheriffs’ Association that anytime government decides it is necessary or desirable to test the boundaries of a constitutional right that it should only be done with caution and with great respect for those constitutional boundaries. Further, it should only be done if the benefit to be gained is so great and certain that it far outweighs the damage done by the constriction of individual liberty. While many of the provisions of the new law have surface appeal, it is far from certain that all, or even many, of them will have any significant effect in reducing gun violence, which is the presumed goal of all of us. Unfortunately the process used in adoption of this act did not permit the mature development of the arguments on either side of the debate, and thus many of the stakeholders in this important issue are left feeling ignored by their government. Even those thrilled with the passage of this legislation should be concerned about the process used to secure its passage, for the next time they may find themselves the victim of that same process. Fortunately, the Governor has shown himself open to working with interested parties to address some of the problems that arose due to the hasty enactment of this law. We will work with the Governor and the Legislature on these issues.

In a video dated January 4, Finley read his resolution in which he states that “the New York SAFE Act is both unconstitutional and illegal.”  He believes that citizens must have the right to be “armed and ready to defend themselves without infringement” given that attempted terrorist activity has been identified not only in New York City, but also in the upstate city of Rochester, where at the end of last month a 25-year-old man was charged with “attempting to provide material support to ISIS,” referring to the Middle-Eastern terror group which has been systematically murdering and enslaving Christians and other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq over the last 18 months or more.

The FBI has reported that ISIS supporters are present in all 50 states.

According to Finley, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Cuomo have set a “dangerous precedent” by “willingly and knowingly violating federal law” by allowing New York City to remain a “sanctuary city” which shields illegal aliens from facing the deportation process.

Finley is seeking other counties to adopt his resolution as well as St. Lawrence County.  As of press time, The Post & Email was not able to learn from Finley whether or not St. Lawrence County officially endorsed the resolution.

The video presentation below can also be viewed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvo_q60R_AY&feature=youtu.be

In 2014, Finley ran in the Republican primary as a write-in candidate for the 116th Assembly district and unsuccessfully for the St. Lawrence County legislature.

On January 5 on his Facebook page, Finley reported, “Yesterday within minutes of the beginning of the legislative session in Albany there was already more attacks on our 2nd amendment. Including ridiculous ammo limitations from the Assembly, and confiscation without due process in the Senate. This is my idea for fighting back at the local level. Let me know what you think?” with his video embedded below.

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