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by OPOVV, ©2015

(Dec. 3, 2015) — Supporters of Muslim immigration are likely to be unarmed. T or F

Supports of illegal immigration have no idea how many legal Americans have been murdered by “Guest ‘workers.’” More than one? More than 100?

Supporters of Hillary think that Ambassador Stevens was just crying wolf about needing increased security at the embassy annex in Benghazi and that there was a video involved. T or F

Obots actually believe that Obama was born in Hawaii. T or F

Obots believe that Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize and that he’s the ‘Greatest President Ever.”  T or F

Obots think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff is independent of the White House (willing to follow illegal orders rather than uphold their Oath to the Constitution). T or F

Obots applaud Obama’s decision to send the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. T or F

The 22+ Muslim terrorist training camps throughout the USA are, in reality, summer camps for Muslim boys and girls to practice their woodcraft. T or F

The FBI vetted Obama and didn’t take the word of Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi on Obama’s Constitutional eligibility. T or F

The DOJ and the FBI (being one and the same) are all Obots and will shortly be made up of 100% Muslims, not just Muslim supporters. T or F

Obama has one year to wipe Israel off the map. T or F

Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Are today’s Jews aware that the Democratic Party of JFK has morphed into the spitting image of the National Socialism Party (NAZI) of World War II Germany? T or F

Is “Global Warming” responsible for American jobs going “overseas” and that the tariff America charges for foreign goods entering our country is being reciprocated with other countries? T or F

Our “experienced” politicians have gotten us $19 trillion in debt. Does the equation “political experience” trump “no political experience”? T or F

The “justice” system of the US is corrupt beyond repair.  T or F

Shall we continue to release child molesters, rapists and murderers back out into the streets? T or F

Muslim “refugees” and “immigration” is in reality the front-line troops of the enemy Islam? T or F

Islam is a religion. T or F

Islam is a political entity that controls one’s life from birth to death. Leaving Islam is a death sentence. The believers in the Qur’an believe that “kill Jews and Christians wherever Ye may find them” is entirely logical, as has been practiced by Muslims for the past 1,400 years? T or F

Muslims immigrating into the US will learn English and American values; will assimilate and will not be offended by “Merry Christmas” or by anyone, at anytime, anywhere be “offended” by someone preaching the “Golden Rule”? T or F

Obots believe that mosques are “places of worship” and not Muslim armories. T or F

Muslims in the United States have abolished Sharia Law and have accepted the Constitution. T or F

Honor killings” do not occur in the United States, Canada, or in any European country. T or F

Obots believe that the gun store owner in Florida should sell guns to Muslims. T or F

The DOJ, the White House and the mainstream media are one and the same. T or F

To have a gun and not use it is better than to wish you had a gun. T or F

OPOVV’s father was a commercial airline pilot who was issued a M1911 pistol during World War II, and he carried that same gun, on every flight, for over 30 years. Had his plane been targeted on 9-11 he would have landed with 5 very dead Muslims. T or F

If you are a woman, you have a gun in your purse. T or F

If you are a man and have a wife and daughters over 18, they each have a gun in their purse. T or F

If you are a Patriot, you support the Second Amendment. T or F

Police are a “reactive” force. T or F

You, on the other hand, are responsible for yourself and loved ones, which is why your family is armed. T or F

Semper Fi


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