by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2015

(Oct. 14, 2015) — The ‪#‎DEMOCRATDEBATE‬ failed miserably, attracting a bit more than half of the R Debate Ratings, the Losing Strategy for ‪#‎Democrats‬ due in large part to their exclusiveness rather than inclusiveness.

The Privileged Class was on full display last night sadly on the HRC Show. It may be true, the Democratic Party has lost their way in GroupThink.

The GOP R Party has ridden ‪#‎Obama‬ to victories in The House, The Senate, and now the [P]residency as they racked up more unqualified Candidates than Democrats.
The BLIND ‪#‎MAINSTREAMMedia‬ & Hollywood can’t see what’s happening and how bad the abuse of Obama has been exploited fully by Republicans.
The Obama Party is over – like a puppet on the strings, failing as the puppet master releases the strings. The Fraudulent Life of the puppet is seen as Fake; no more entertainment – an old. tired show – the usefulness is over.

Did you listen to the poor ‪#‎Inequality‬ and income disparity Sen. Sanders spoke of under the last 7 years of Obama? The DISASTER & FAILURE are anyone recognizing we have had a qualified President.


The U.S. SUPREME COURT has made a BIG MISTAKE in depriving Justice to everyone in America in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 by depriving those earning 12 to 13K a year access in forma pauperis, predominantly resting on Justice Sotomayor. While the Democratic Party by all accounts of their own standard candidates recognizes the income disparity on one hand upon America and celebrates a supposed Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court purportedly as a great defense for such within the Court, to not grant access to the Court on such is a blatant income disparaging outrage really warranting ‘bad behavior’ in this Case.

By so many accounts the United States Supreme Court has the duty to uphold precedent when dicta has overruled one of their decisions. This has been the  case in Ankeny and the natural born Citizen considerations in Minor v. Happersett concerning the natural born Citizen qualification for the Office of the President. The blatant refusal to ward off ‘LOOKING’ at the case is indicative of a disparaging ruling upon the poor or a blatant refusal to avoid duty resulting in a candid ‘bad behavior’ emphasis as was once pinned upon the Supreme Court Justice Chase for ruling in such a partisan way in a departure of the ensured independence of the judiciary.

The Court can certainly recognize mistakes in its clerical patterns and practices at any time. I for one do not see the Justices huddled around their calculators deducting the cost of business from the net income from Mr. Judy’s  (my) 5 page in-depth Motion to proceed in forma pauperis as much as I do see a sheet of paper brought in summarizing the clerks work and recommendations to the Justices about 500 cases who all got the same treatment in a broad swipe of the Justices pen.

Unfortunately, Public Outcry is the only solutions for the Justices to recognize a mistake that has been made and to work to correct that problem. So I would encourage people who would like to write the Court and flood the phone bank with a cry of injustice. If we do not object to falling in the cracks we have only to be left to look at ourselves falling through the cracks.

As far as the U.S. Supreme Court not wanting to get involved in the political arena, they have long missed that boat. By forbidding review of the ‘natural born Citizen’ clause I have brought to their front door, they have singlehandedly kept me out of the Democratic Party Debate and stifled as a Candidate for President someone who has been doing the job of preserving, defending, and protecting the U.S. Constitution’s core Office in the Executive Branch and shirking their own duty of checks and balances.

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