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(Sep. 13, 2015) — Take a water molecule. Let’s call him Andy. Now, Andy by himself is what we would consider harmless, I mean, one Andy wouldn’t be enough to take a shower with or, for that matter, drown you. Millions of little Andys, on the other hand, are capable of rinsing your hands or, possibly, spread some kind of deadly infectious disease.

Let’s conduct a scientific experiment. Clear the table and let’s carefully pour a cup of water on it at one end. Now, because we’ve got these government grants that give us the license to waste money, we’ve invented instruments that can zero in on any one molecule  — little Andys — and see what they’re up to. What do you say we stick this probe in here, like this, and listen in.

“This table top isn’t covered completely by our kind! It is our destiny to cover every square inch of this table top with water!”

“But Andy, aren’t we happy where we are? I mean, we’re not bothering anyone.”

“Blasphemy! Vaporize that individual (molecule).”

That doesn’t sound good. Cover the whole table top with water? For what purpose? What’s the point? Eliminate any possible chance of ever getting dry? Now why would anyone want to do that?

So this is what happened. We got our probes in this puddle of water and are intently listening in on these rants, ravings and vaporizing when someone came into the break room (where the experiment was taking place), got a cup of coffee or some water, and left his newspaper on the table.

And it so came to pass that an edge, an infinitesimal part of the newspaper, came in contact with our puddle of water. Listen! Can you hear it? Sounds like we’re picking up newspaper molecules discussing the pros and cons of having any contact with the puddle.

“Well, there’s just a few of them and they say they’re ‘peaceful’ and ‘misunderstood’; that they’re some kind of ‘Great Religion of the Table Top’. Just a few can’t hurt us, can they?”

“But you don’t understand. First, there’s nothing ‘peaceful’ about being soggy; and we understand all too well that it won’t stop with ‘1’; and to top it off it’s not a religion: this puddle is a political philosophy that is nothing but bad news. Why, we might as well kiss the editorial page goodbye because, in the near future, there’ll be only one voice, one interpretation of reality. And I’ve heard talk that maybe this table top isn’t really flat; it’s a ball, believe it or not.

“The point is that we’ll never know if we allow ourselves to be limited in any way about what we can and cannot think and articulate. Some of us talk by painting, sharing their world view, how they see things, in their mind. Vincent van Gogh, for example. Others describe the human condition through the novel, like Leo Tolstoy. Some use music, like Ludwig van Beethoven. Some tell jokes while others draw cartoons. And some just go through life making it possible for the others to do their thing, to live their lives the way they want to. It’s called ‘FREEDOM’ and it’s all in the Constitution.

“If we allow this puddle to infiltrate any more, sooner than we think our whole world, our whole freedom of expression, will have been blotted out just because we weren’t paying attention.

“It’s our world and it’s our choice. Do we choose a future that guides us to the light, or shall we join in the corruption of cruelty and murder just for the sake of cruelty and murder? Shall we embrace the freedoms that so many have suffered and died for, or shall we give up the ghost and forever regulate the human race to be controlled by seriously socially-pathetic savages who view kindness as weakness, reason as profanity, and hope and mercy as an excuse to a shared insanity because, after all, one cannot be insane if there are no sane people left in which to measure the depravity of the hopeless, helpless and hell-bent.

“A person’s last thought, upon death, will determine that soul’s worth. At the end of each day there is the Scale of Life; so, too, with the end of each life. The measurement is that of the Golden Rule. Either a soul will have gained understanding or squandered the opportunity. There are no alternatives.”

Semper Fi


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