The Visit


by OPOVV, ©2015

(Sep. 3, 2015) — “Greetings, Zyklore. I bring you news from Planet Earth.”

“Greetings, Ambassador. It’s been over 100 years since I’ve been in this neck of the Milky Way. I’m interested in many things of Planet Earth and how these earthlings have messed up Paradise.

“Last time I was here you predicted that the invention of the automobile would bring unlimited travel and increase freedom and understanding among the people of the world. I predicted that the automobile would become an addiction that would take an exorbitant amount of the humans’ time and money to maintain.

“You said that with the increased travel, people would learn about everything and that the ignorant would worship the ‘Chrome God’ and want to be part of the ‘Travel Revolution.’ So, tell me now, how goes it on the planet Earth?”

“Not so good, I’m afraid, Great Zyklore. The gasoline-driven engine has caused immense harm and everlasting pollution, vast oil spills, tankers running aground. The earth’s last-century mascot is of a bird lying on the beach dead because it was covered in spilled oil.

“The humans on the planet Earth have come to worship the tide. What they do is get up in the morning, get in their automobiles, get on the road and crawl to work at 10 mph, twice a day, just as the tide comes in slowly and goes out slowly. It’s a ritual that those who live in big cities take part in, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year.

“The government is a great believer in this religion. Big money is behind this church; wars have been fought for the oil that drives these gasoline engines that propel these automobile machines.

“All and all, the humans have lost big-time to their Chrome God while worshiping — in their cars, of course — during what they call ‘Rush-hour.’ It’s an experience worth witnessing; I kid you not.”

“I remember asking you about Benjamin Franklin’s idea of the Public Library, and I said that it’s a great idea but wouldn’t make a hoot of difference. You said to wait a few hundred years and you’d get back to me. Well, time’s up, so what’s the verdict?”

“It was great at first, but people don’t read like they used to. You know, electronic games and movies. A great idea that failed because the people choose stupidity and sloth over enlightenment through effort.”

“You mean they consider reading as work?”

“I’m afraid so, Great Zyklore. They have what they call television, too, where they sit passively while watching other humans exert themselves swing a stick or chasing someone who has a ball that they refuse to share.”

“Not to change the subject, but it’s my understanding that these so-called ‘Palestinians’ could’ve made their home the most beautiful place on earth. I mean, they were given everything. They could’ve built the best research centers and universities on the planet; everyone could’ve been highly-educated; monorails over luscious orchards and green pastures; lived in peace with their neighbors; been looked upon as the ‘Enlightened People’ of the world instead of what they’ve made themselves to be: ignorant savages who are so full of hate and envy that it overflows their borders.

“And now, because these Palestinians were so short-sighted, there’s a big problem in the Middle East with this ISIS bunch. Imagine these ISIS characters spending just one-tenth of their time contemplating peace instead of war: what a great place their world (and ours) would be. But it’s been my experience that sloth wins over effort; ignorance prevails over common sense; wrong eclipses right. Too bad. Such a waste.”

“Yes, Great Zyklore, you are correct. They have it but they don’t; they can but they can’t; and they lose the very dream that they hold in their hand. Indeed, such a waste.”

“I’ll be leaving you now, Mr. Ambassador, and may I remind you that you are not to interfere? You are not to show them the error of their ways for, I fear, it would be nothing but a colossal waste of time. These savages care not for human history, therefore they care not for themselves. These savages destroy for the sake of destruction, therefore they have no future, or don’t believe in a future. They’ll do themselves in, given time. But the human race may not have the time.

“Anyway, I’m off. Nice to have seen you. Until next time. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Great Zyklore.”

Semper Fi


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