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(Aug. 26, 2015) — The CRJ Today for a Better America Tomorrow has released another political campaign commercial emphasizing the need for a REAL Debate between the Primary Democratic Candidates that Cody Robert Judy should be involved in.

Of course healthy debate is good for the Democratic Primary Candidates for President to help them get warmed up to meet the Republican Nominee. By picking and choosing easy Debate Primary Challengers the Democratic Party is doing its best to cover up for Mrs. Clinton .. again, and it is a quick way to assure Democrats lose.

The video is divided into clear segments that haunt Mrs. Clinton’s past as Secretary of State and are bound to come up in Debate and Commercial barrages by the Republican Nominee and the march of Super PACs stashing money for the election in 2016.

Segment 1 – Benghazi – If Mrs. Clinton is willing to ‘use’ radical Islamists to further an election agenda, how will Americans trust her or believe she will not turn them over or give the enemies of the United States weapons that will be used to kill American sons and daughters?

Mrs. Clinton essentially was willing to blame a little-known videotape which was ultimately Americans’ free speech for the attack on Benghazi, when now it is known the attack was preempted 10 days prior to its happening, in collusion with weapons being funneled from Qatar to Turkey and details coming from the re-opened investigation of Benghazi and Judicial Watch’s uncovering SECRET EMAILS. [Judicial Watch announced today that newly-revealed testimony from the Obama State Department under court order directly ties Hillary Clinton, for the first time, to the now-debunked Benghazi talking points used by United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to claim that the attack was the result of a “spontaneous protest” gone awry.  The Obama administration also sent false talking points about the attack to Congress.  The State Department is refusing to divulge the contents of the email, citing a discretionary “deliberative process” privilege.]

Segment 2 – The Clinton Foundation Foreign Money Contributors and Public Speaking made Mrs. Clinton filthy rich in a very short time, which really begins to look as if a ‘Pay-To-Play’ scheme has been worked out for those seeking access to the White House. This then could count to compromise Mrs. Clinton’s decisions by dozens of foreign corporations as well as American corporations working in the interest of promoting foreign slave labor for higher and higher profits.

Segment 3– Begins with Mrs. Clinton’s email server being confiscated by the FBI after she had told them she would not turn it over. Of course government business as an official employee with a top 20 Security Clearance has a funny way of compromising your ‘privacy’ when you make the decision and choice, as Mrs. Clinton did, to use her own private server for government business while on duty.

The objectives, of course, in Mrs. Clinton’s words, were that it was a simple convenience for her. The result was that government Freedom of Information Access or FOIA requests could actually be fuddled because the server was not government property. Also, as you see at the end of the commercial, Mrs. Clinton makes very clear she was the one who made the decisions on what was private and what was work.

So, she compromises government security for her own protection from FOIA requests that allows for full or partial disclosure of previously-unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States Government.  In short, Hillary assures the U.S. Government cannot look over her shoulder, but she insists they look over yours. It’s the old adage of wanting to have your cake and eat it too, which makes no sense when it comes to transparency and working for Americans as their public servant.

There is no doubt Mrs. Clinton, in a partnership with The Clinton Foundation, has received literally millions of dollars from foreign governments, and it is known that some of these were received during her tenure as Secretary of State, which is highly suspect of a pay-to-play conspiracy that could compromise U.S. Intelligence. This places Hillary Clinton in a key position for a bidding war also in order for the access. Her husband, Bill Clinton, also paid literally millions of dollars for speaking engagements while his wife is that position.

This is not centered in just ‘Foreign Contributions’ to the Clinton Foundation but spills over into the Domestic corporations of which have done the same thing, easily presumed to be a compromise of the Office of the President when/if she gets there. How does a President stand up against an unruly corporation if that corporation owns her and threatens her if they are subject to laws that pertain to smaller businesses? It’s the recipe for disaster.  America just cannot afford Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and neither can a healthy Democratic Party.


See the campaign ad and read the rest here.

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