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(Aug. 19, 2015) — The mainstream media might not have ever guessed that the Birther Reputation would back fire and Republicans would have a Candidate for President leading in virtually all the fields and in all the polls who was also a Birther, but that’s exactly what’s happened! Amazing and Crazy Americans who love what is so distinctly theirs that whatever label you put on the Constitution they will wear it with honor. With Obama sitting in the White House as a lame duck turning what he calls the “4th Quarter” and what Birthers call his usurpation, why in the world do BIRTHERS matter in the coming 2016 Election?

The following video was put out yesterday entitled 2016 BIRTHER MISSING IN MEDIA?  Featured in it are the really wonderful and talented News Personalities of Chuck Todd – From MEET THE PRESS, Megyn Kelly – From FOX NEWS and Anderson Cooper CNN interviewing Mr. Donald Trump all related to the Birther Question and his stand on this issue in 2011 and where it fits in the 2016 Election now.

Have a look:

[See the video here.]


What you are seeing there is mainstream media news personalities actually trying to catch up to the Birther Movement rather than staying ahead of it being told by the 2016 poll leading Republican candidate that he doesn’t know if Obama’s birth certificate is ‘Real’ and he doesn’t know if U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is qualified because of the “one extra hurdle” of not being born here in America and Mr. Trump’s poll numbers haven’t gone down because of it, they have gone up! You hear Mr. Trump assert “McCain was a Birther!”

You would think Republicans Bush, Walker, Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina, Carson, Perry, Huckabee and the rest of them would get a CLUE that BEING A BIRTHER is actually COOL? It strikes at the heart of the Constitution, and there is no position more influential in our government or representing our government in the world. So, why wouldn’t you say the qualifications for that office are a big deal when it comes to defending our national security?

Well, Trump is, if nothing else that we can all agree on, a very successful world class businessman. He gets it! These other folks just don’t get it and the American people see right through it. As the video detailed, in Mr. Trump’s own words as a Republican candidate he expected Mr. Obama to be held to the same accountability as all the other candidates for President under the law which requires at least he be born in the U.S. to Citizen parents. Willing to keep his own party’s candidates toeing the line, he asserts with Megyn Kelly that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has ‘one extra hurdle‘ to get over because he wasn’t ‘born in the U.S.’, referring in general to his knowledge that the ‘other hurdle’ is your parents have to be U.S. Citizens.


On the Democratic Party – Birther side you’d  have to be a cat living in the barn way out in the field not to know Cody Robert Judy whose legal stand in the civil court arena is world renowned and has been read by literally tens of thousands of Politicians, Lawyers, and University Professor Legal Teaching Professionals. He’s the only Candidate in the Democratic Party who actually has a Federal Court Record against U.S. Sen. John McCain who was not born in America, but was born in the Panama Hospital and has had not one, but two Congressional Acts, the first making him a Citizen of the U.S. after he was 11 months old which would constitute a ‘naturalization process’, the second a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution declaring him by a naturalization process again to be a ‘naturalized natural born Citizen’ able to run for President because he was born of two American Parents and disregarding the birthplace all together.

Although Cody Robert Judy ran as a write-in for President in 2008, he wasted no time including Obama in his lawsuit after Obama was made the Democratic nominee with the hard-fought battle he and Hillary Clinton waged into the late summer in 2008. Cody continued in 2012, jumping right into the Democratic Party again, which he had more of a reputation with as a Candidate in his 2002 Congressional and 2004 U.S. Senate races in the State of Utah. He sued Obama on state ballot challenges as ineligible for the Office of the President in the primary state of New Hampshire clear to that State’s Supreme Court, continued the same course in Georgia to its State Supreme Court and ended in the U.S. Supreme Court with Case Judy v. Obama No. 12-5276.

In the video you hear Mr. Trump assert that Democratic Party poll leading Hillary Clinton was the first Birther. So it seems like everyone really is a Birther, so why is it so hard to figure out that it’s at least popular as a root or core issue to defend the qualifications of the Office of the President?


Indeed, you see the Main Stream News Media personalities of Chuck Todd from the very popular political caveat show Meet The Press hosted by NBC, Megyn Kelly with her fierce fighting The Kelly File on Fox News, and Anderson Cooper hitting hard on 360 with CNN all asking the leading Republican Candidate about the BIRTHER PRINCIPLE as it relates to his Campaign for President in 2016.

These are far-reaching and very deeply-entrenched news personalities that have literally billions of dollars tied up in influencing the American psyche. Should Mr. Trump duck and dodge the question as Mrs. Clinton has about her ’emails’ for so long, pre-selecting audiences and questions to surround her couch, or does he answer them honestly?

Of course the answer is Mr. Trump hits it head-on, come what may, and he has been rewarded for it, rising in the polls faster than any other Republican candidate, and the press is looking at him with disbelief and bewilderment because to them, THE BIRTHER PRINCIPLE was ‘kook’ and ‘fringe,’ as they were trained to understand using the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov reward reinforcement method. They were rewarded with access if they played nice.

Taking it one step further, the pay-to-play system requires actual contributions to foundations to gain access to the party, and negative reinforcement has been used with removing reporters from access who were not so nice with their perceptions, opinions, and writing skills. Anita Dunn, Barack Obama’s former campaign adviser, detailed how they created the Obama Cult of Personality which eventually landed him in the White House.


Where so much time, money, and talent is placed, you’ll find people willing to do just about anything. The problem in politics is when that becomes set against the Supreme Law of our Constitution. “I think our Constitution is the safest ‘cult’ if you want to have one to make popular because it ensures equality under its precepts afforded to everyone regardless of race, color, prior servitude as well as gender,” Cody Robert Judy said.

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  1. A partial list of known INELIGIBLE Candidates include Obama,McCain,Cruz,Rubio,Santorum,Swarzenegger and Jindal. There is subterfuge afoot with the source of such tyranny coming from BOTH Major Parties. Trump, while he has made some protest can go further. As a Presidential contender he can DEMAND that Article II,Sec.1 be enforced to the “T”. Even Fox news personalities, Sheppard Smith included called Birthers “Crazy”. O’Reilly said we are “Pinheads”. Those words are going to come back on Fox news (and other Media who have ignored the Constitution) and will bite them on their arses.