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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2015

Is Donald Trump what the nation needs as her next president?

(Jul. 2, 2015) — There are no perfect candidates among the GOP hopefuls.  Some are more conservative and some are less conservative – thus the establishment group vs. the Tea Party group.  Now, we have billionaire business mogul and TV personality Donald Trump building his Presidential candidacy and going for the GOP nomination.  He is apparently scaring the snot out of the GOP establishment because he is actually competing up there with Jeb Bush polls and is not for sale.

What is Donald Trump saying that is causing such an upset?

Build a wall and stop illegal immigration.  Trump talks of the criminals, gangs and other threats coming across our borders.  Trump has gotten heat for his ‘Mexico’ comments.  The progressive left is now desperately trying to paint him as an uncaring racist.  A few are mad but the masses are cheering.

Trump also has a stated plan for ISIS, unlike Obama, who apparently is in endless planning stages regarding ISIL/ISIS — the JV team.  Trump’s plan is to “Bomb the hell out of them.”  He plans to cut off their million-dollars-a-day oil revenue and bomb the oil fields that fund them.  I think that makes total sense myself.  Finally, a real policy and plan.

Trump says he will boldly build back our decimated military, rebuild our relationship with Israel and England. He will create real jobs and careers for people.  This is the guy who has already created thousands of jobs and become a multi-billionaire in business.

He now identifies himself as a sincere Christian and will be the Christian’s best friend. He is most open about his views, changes, life and concerns. He has changed his long-time view from pro-choice to pro-life and says why.

Trump regularly, in his blunt way, challenges corruption in various Government branches and commits to stopping it. He plans to crush the IRS.   Though brash, Trump is not for sale and not a politician.  However, he is a patriot, Christian, fabulously successful businessman and visionary.

Whatever America needs now is certainly not another 50-yard-line, polite and lawyer-like politician who politically caves to money pressure, UNIONS, Islam, the UN and pressure groups.  We have already seen what that endless sea of compromises has done for us.

We must stand for our Constitution, Judeo-Christian values, real history and freedom. I have said it before and I will say it again.  “I would rather be rude and alive than polite and dead.’  “If Trump can bring it, then bring it right —  keep humble before God and serve the people of America.”  Join me each day from 7-9:00 AM PST on my national radio show.  You can listen live at www.therothshow.com.

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  1. The RNC and the DNC hate trump because he brakes rank and file posturing in either “party”. The “party” is over for both once Don gets in since he doesn’t need their money, power games, political ethics, party lines, power connections or any of the other political trash that both parties have built over the last 45 years since Vietnam. The American public is unaware that under this current DNC silent coup that their Constitutional rights to serve Criminal Presentments against political corruption has been obfuscated by all courts and the judicial since 2008 and that 6 American Veterans have been illegally denied their rights and imprisoned to keep their mouths shut as “whistle blowers” along with a few civilians that worked for the government. No one is talking about the criminals running the DNC but the cover ups are getting more difficult day by day. Unfortunately, America is suffering while the “dual citizen” illegal POTUS falsified by Pelosi and Biden runs wild as a puppet for Jarrett and Axelrod. Americans as a majority are the biggest fools on any political stage at this time. We would also like to know why FOX News refused to cover anything on the 6 American Veterans that have been illegally abused, imprisoned, beaten and ruined by DNC Operatives to keep their knowledge of criminal activity ongoing since 2008. Was it to make money on news and allow the destruction of America to go on? We saw the Washington Navy Yard with a shooter the other day, how about when Obama’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Newman, was a bomber with Bill Ayers in The Weather Underground that bombed that same facility in the late 60’s?

  2. Perhaps by demonstratung how inept many of them are…if anything Trump is exposing them for the lightweights a bunch of them seem to be. He’s playing hardball while they are playing pinocle.