by Sharon Rondeau

From the Tennessee Executive Branch List of Commissioners: http://www.tn.gov/help/media-contacts.shtml

(Jun. 5, 2015) — At 4:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, The Post & Email contacted the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) Commissioner’s office at (615) 253-8200 and spoke with Communications Director Neysa Taylor regarding a request for medical and dental attention received from CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) in a letter on Wednesday.

We provided Taylor Fitzpatrick’s full name, inmate number, prison location, and the limited information we received about his condition.

We additionally reported that Timothy Aaron Baxter, who is housed at the NWCX complex in Tiptonville with Fitzpatrick, is in need of medical attention for migraine headaches and the loss of the use of his left arm following a prison assault in September 2009 for which he has filed a federal lawsuit, 2:10-cv-02667-STA-tmp, against the State of Tennessee.

Taylor is the same individual who informed us some weeks ago that the TDOC possesses no record of Baxter’s assault, which occurred while he was picking vegetables on a work detail just days away from release.  Baxter reported that after the beating, he was “thrown in the hole” and handcuffed so tightly that both of his wrists are permanently damaged. In a phone call from prison last month, Baxter described his wrists as having turned “black”  for two weeks.

Baxter has reported ringing in his ears from having been hit on the back of his head with a radio by a corrections officer before being thrown to the ground and pummeled by the officer and his brother as an inmate looked on.  In a letter to The Post & Email, he also cited nerve damage and the need for surgery for his injuries.

The inmate who watched, Arthur Mallory, is first-named defendant in Baxter’s lawsuit.

In a habeas corpus filing on June 2 emanating from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee, Judge S. Thomas Anderson directed U.S. Marshal Jeffrey Holt and NWCX Warden Mike Parris to transport Baxter to the federal courthouse in Jackson, TN on June 16, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. local time.

The Post & Email asked Taylor the procedure following our call, to which she responded that she would relay the information to the medical staff at NWCX.  She said she is prevented by HIPAA laws from disclosing whether or not the inmate(s) receive medical attention.

On May 9, we wrote a letter to Commissioner Derrick Schofield to ask why no record of the assault existed to which we have received no response.

Fitzpatrick has requested that those following the developments in his case which resulted in a three-year prison sentence on convictions of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” meted out by retiring Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood last August call the office of the appellate court in Knoxville which heard his appeal on May 19 and the FBI regarding the proven corruption in the Tennessee courts.

On Friday afternoon, The Post & Email spoke with Appellate Court Clerk Joanne Newsome at length about the hand-picked grand jury foremen in Tennessee, citing the Baxter, Parsons, Fitzpatrick, and Raudenbush cases as examples.  Newsome listened courteously and claimed to be unaware of the process by which grand jury foremen are chosen in her state.

The Post & Email offered Newsome a complimentary subscription in the event she wished to see documentary proof of our claims, which she politely declined.

On Thursday, The Post & Email contacted the warden’s office at NWCX about Fitzpatrick’s request for medical attention but did not receive a return phone call.

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  1. Presently, we have not had the satisfaction of seeing the DNC Operative cowards that illegally imprisoned Walt and 5 other American Hero Veterans. These people are the bottom of the political realm. As a Navy Veteran I am asking anyone that may have ideas or training in any area to attempt to help Walt by contacting anyone they may know that is responsible or that has authority to enforce something to be done. As a Christian-I have authority to curse all of these Democrats and people in Tennessee in authority there that are responsible for what they have done to Veterans in their state and nationally. These people are the bottom of the barrel and may think this is funny now but they will have to deal with God for what they have done. Tennessee and Louisiana have been known for corruption and evil for decades in the south. Yet, Federal interventions or investigations are years in the making and most of the people involved are long gone with lost evidence in the process. The bureaucracy protects the criminals and criminal politicians to carry on and carry out dirty deeds and corruption like a well-oiled machine. It has crippled America, its economy, its military, its citizens, its credibility around the globe. This particular regime with its well-planned coup/usurpation was engineered in the late 1950’s and most citizens have no idea how or why – all they know is how messed-up or unemployed their friends or family are. This group was designed to come on like a hurricane and they did and most people bought into the entire scam. They have done more damage and stolen record sums of money and imprisoned more Veterans for standing against them than any other regime. We have a falsified dual-citizen POTUS, we also have two more RNC illegals for POTUS – Rubio/Cruz that have ignored several requests by The Post & Email on their POTUS Eligibility, obviously because they know they ARE not qualified for POTUS under Constitutional rules Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5. Most people voting for them are the Latin Lobby which has indicated to me and verbally said “What difference does it make-Obama did it! was the answer from several Latinos I have spoken with. Doesn’t that remind you of Hillary’s statement on Benghazi? Same mentality. All this is about the same, only thinking of what the government is going to do for me which is usually Democratic in thinking. What is the government doing for Walt Fitzpatrick? What is FOX News doing to expose the situation with Walt Fitzpatrick? What are most citizens doing other than running and hiding? Is there someone out there who still has any patriotism and ethos to help another Veteran that is being mentally and physically tortured in a maximum-security prison for standing up for the Constitution and a corrupted Judicial system? Democrats may be happy that another Veteran is suffering but their day is coming very soon. God Bless Them!

  2. It is extremely hard for a parent to know that one of their children is suffering(no matter what the age)but to know that they are being denied adequate medical treatment by the institution that caused the injury and subsequent pain goes beyond comprehension. I know there are many parents whose young adult son or daughter are in the prison system by corruption of local Judges and DA’s, and juries may God have mercy on the parent and the prisoner. Every night I pray for my son’s health, safety and his release from the living hell the state of TN has put him through. People don’t want to believe that there is a prisons for profit scheme with our son’s and daughters and We the parent/parents paying the price and living with the agony of knowing our children are being subjected to torture sanctioned by the state.