by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress

(May 19, 2015) — The Republicans in the House and Senate have resurrected Fast Track Authority to give Obama the ability to bypass the checks and balances of Congress.  In order to pass it, they are trying to say that President Ronald Reagan would approve the UNCONSTITUTIONAL TPA Bill.  They are “lying outright” to their fellow Congressmen.  Please read the below-listed article that details what President Ronald Reagan did and based upon what we know of his conservative philosophy, what he would do today.  President Reagan cared about protecting American jobs for hardworking men and women.

This TPA Bill will destroy the US Borders forever and will open the floodgates to millions of illegal aliens from Mexico, from 11 Asian countries, and eventually will allow millions more illegal aliens to enter the United States through the UN Resettlement Program (which is preventing Christian refugees from entering the US).  Those refugees have been stealthily resettled by Obama in 195 cities across the nation for the last six years.  To allow the floodgate to open to let foreign alien workers to enter the US a time when 104 million Americans are unemployed is a crime against middle and low-income Americans seeking employment.

I encourage you to take action to prevent the Republican leaders in the House and Senate from working with Pelosi and Reid to pass this unconstitutional TPA Bill that will allow Obama to force the United States to abide by all UN Treaties.  RINOs go to the other side of the aisle to get votes to pass measures and frustrate the will of their rank-and-file members.  That is what Boehner has done in the past to fund and support Obama’s unconstitutional violation of federal immigration laws—and he is doing it again to ram the unconstitutional TPA Bill through Congress.

The TPA Bill will eliminate the constitutional requirement that two-thirds of the US Senate must vote to approve and pass any international treaty with a foreign country.  Obama is already violating the US Constitution and bypassing the US Senate while he and Kerry negotiate a treaty with Iran that was initiated by then-Secretary of State Clinton.  That nuclear weapons treaty will allow Iran to develop and deploy nuclear weapons on their Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.  Those nuclear-tipped missiles will become a threat and a dagger poised to strike the heart of the United States homeland.

The TPA Bill will give up the US’s sovereignty to the Marxists, Socialist, and Communists in control of the UN who have been working with Obama to eliminate the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans by forcing the Congress to abide by the UN Small Arms Treaty, a treaty that the US Senate has already voted down because it violates the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution, to the disappointment of Obama, Clinton, and Kerry.

Obama is still determined to force the US to abide by the anti-2nd Amendment UN Small Arms Treaty with the support of the bloc of 70 elected Socialist, Marxist, and Communist members of Congress.

The below listed email will tell you how to easily contact your Senators and Congressman and demand that they not listen to the outright lies the leaders of the House and Senate are promulgating about what President Reagan would do in regard to the unconstitutional TPA Bill—please read the below-listed article by Charles Benninghoff, Esq.

I first worked for Governor Reagan in his race against President Gerald Ford that we lost at the Republican Convention in Kansas City, then worked for President Reagan on and off for the next 10 years (a total of 14 remarkable years), and I believe he would never let this unconstitutional TPA Bill pass under any circumstance.  For the Republican leaders in the Senate and House to take President Reagan’s good name in vain to get Republican members of Congress to pass the Unconstitutional TPA Bill is further proof that the Republican leaders in control of the House and Senate are once again discrediting themselves in the eyes of hundreds of millions of patriotic Americans who knew and supported President Reagan.

I encourage you to help us protect and defend the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment that millions of Americans servicemen fought and died for.  I encourage you to demand that your Congressional representatives vote against the “SECRET” TPA Bill that is thousands of pages long, that no member of Congress has sat down and read in its entirety, and is another thousand-page bill that is being jammed down the collective throats of hardworking Americans by the Republican and Democrat leaders in Congress.

The TPA Bill will have much worse consequences for our freedom and independence than the Obamacare Law that Obama and Pelosi jammed down the collective throats of all Americans.  If the TPA Bill passes, it will further continue to transform the Free Enterprise System which over the past 238 years created the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, and we will be “CHANGED” into a Socialist/Welfare State.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt   USN(Ret)/Former FBI/Reagan Administration Alumnus

Fax: (619) 220-0109

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8

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