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The 2015 riots in Baltimore, Maryland that have stemmed from what began as peaceful protest for an individual who was in the act of committing a criminal violation of having cultivated a seedy call from Al Sharpton that the Department of Justice needed to take over all local city and town police forces. I don’t think there are too many people understanding ‘police violence’ in a deliberate maleficence of going after a subject resisting arrest, failing to stop, or as this case may be ‘evading arrest on foot‘.

One very sad element about this is so many people failing to quantify the crime committed when running from the police, and we understand that as has been reported, a preliminary test of the subject of protest tested positive for heroin and marijuana and that the police were witnessing a possible drug transaction. While none of these offenses have the ‘death penalty’ as a criminal penalty, it should be widely agreed upon that when you run from the police you not only put yourself in jeopardy of losing life, limb and property, but the lives of others as well in many instances are also brought into that circle of death and injury, from a wide variety of circumstances that erupt from that decision to flee from police.

Don’t act as if I don’t know, because I do. Been there, done that.. But the chances you take of serious accidents happening in the process of running from police put your life on the line as well the lives of others. Everyone knows or should know as an adult or a juvenile. A new 2m:52sec video on the FB Police Training Page circulating the internet is very perceptive in articulating exactly what a ‘small’ problem that has gained such a big audience and is further escalating concerns of a politically-motivated agenda that could even be linking back directly to Obama in his own fear of being convicted as usurper unqualified by the Constitution’s demands for a ‘natural born Citizen’ as well as being a conspirator of knowingly handing out or using fabricated identification documents to gain public office.

I’ve been charged with a Class C misdemeanor for running and suffered the consequences. My determination for justifying running was not considered relevant in court but did serve a purpose of indemnity as you might remember the movie The Fugitive did in his pursuit of justice to clear his name rather then have it particularly scabbed by the media out for a story that sells newspapers. Indeed, false imprisonment and unlawful prosecution exist and wherever possible are subjects in need of Justice equally.

Evading arrest on foot (sometimes called flight) is committed by knowingly running away from an officer to escape capture, detention, or arrest. While many of your comments reflect badly on police, none reflects badly on the ‘element/action’ that got police pursuit and attention in the first place. We all know peaceful cooperation and respect under normal circumstances and following orders of the police are generally the safest way to stay healthy. This is not what I would call truly pathetic. What is very sad is the way one protester put it: “We demonstrate peacefully no one pays attention; we burn a city everyone pays attention.” But is that attention the kind of attention you want, and does it serve a purpose?

While American Pharaoh is favored 3:1 in the Kentucky Derby being run today, which is a lot more exciting then the Presidential Race of 2016 at this time, we as Americans really need to watch the Pharaohs of our society- Those who would not respect our United States Constitution and the qualifications of the Presidential Race requiring a natural born Citizen that is very different from the qualifications of a U.S. Senator or a U.S. Representative that is written as “Citizen” as it is perfectly explained in this two-minute Constitutional Reckoning Video.

See the video and read the rest here.

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