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(May 1, 2015) — Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

$25 A Month 100% Healthcare Now

BE READY, It’s here! YOUNG PEOPLE and Working People of all ages.  100%  Healthcare CO-OP Foundation  you’ve been waiting for. Est. 2006, on Monday May 4, 2015, as the New 1.800.439.7150 number goes live for the 100% Healthcare Now CO-OP Foundation, Founder Ruth Bryant White will be reaching 10’s of Millions.

As she is being interviewed by:

Canada Free Press Columnist Sher Zieve

Contributor for Sacramento Bee, Murray Bass

May 4, 2015 LIVE at 1:15 PM EST on The Roth Show  with Dr. Laurie Roth USA Radio Networks www.usanetworks.com and lining up for The Peter Boyles Show, KNUS AM 710 Denver  in development

People tell  CO-OP they are feeling the pains of  “Affordable Healthcare Act.” With CO-OP relief, now the world will know about the company developed in 2006, called 100% Healthcare NOW!!  It will give that and more to people and small businesses who are struggling with the mandate.

“100%” is versatile, and will put the employer, individual and families in the driver’s seat when it comes to getting their care. They can go to any doctor of their choice in any state. “When people are struggling they go to the 99 Cent Store instead of Whole Foods. We are the 99 Cent Store of the Healthcare Programs, but we’re the best. We’re people helping people, community helping community.” says Ruth.

Memberships are $25 A Month Per Adult, $10 a month per child under 18, and we even have a Pet Care for household pets for just $8 a month per Pet. The first official online enrollees are pet owner Nohl Rosen and his cat Icarus.  They will be getting a temporary membership card in case of emergency, then their official ones in the mail.

Two companies with a total of 10,000 plus employees already have our plan in their Human Resources Depts.  This will be a big relief for them and for anyone who signs up today. The Sign-Up Membership Drive Officially Starts Monday, May 4, 2015. Call 1.800.439.7150  and tell others to do so as well.

For more interviews contact 702.260.4849.

Contact Nohl Rosen                                                                         May 1, 2015
480.980.8541                                                                                    For Immediate Release
1.800.439.7150 (available May 4, 2015)

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  1. We knew it would be a matter of time but that there are enough talented people that would come together to create an affordable plan for everyone. A national plan is doable but not the way Obama/DNC Operatives put this together to line their cronies pockets and screw the doctors and patients telling doctors how to do their jobs and death panels for patients. We also need complete watchdog groups and fast prosecution networks that will prosecute fraud and medical insurance fraud on all fronts. A man in Boca Raton, Florida was recently arrested and prosecuted that was running a medical business in a large warehouse area. He lived it up for years in the town, parties, penthouses, Bentley’s, you name it and was finally busted by Federal Agents. He was scamming $100 million dollars a year for years from medicare fraud and got away with it for a while. He is now enjoying prison life- far from caviar/Bentley’s/penthouses and gala parties. I will assume he was a Democrat but a criminal no matter what. I hope he enjoys those candel light dinners with Bubba. Bernie Madoff is also another fine man who lured many not so bright people into bankruptcy. Sometimes with “more money than brains” others recognize that sharing the wealth is good for them, Obama and DNC but not for them. You need to know your friends and associates and what they really are all about. They kept the change but gave nothing, just like the DNC that has reaped a “silent coup” on America with radical Marxists and Black Muslims and the “sheeple” follow on. Hopefully, this new company will offer a sane alternative to going broke and eating tree bark to have insurance or getting a supersize at fast food restaurants and have gas in your tank! Isn’t that “The American Dream”? I’m confused at this point. Where’s the manager-lights are on- no ones home but money is flowing out the back door! Maybe the Hillary and Bill Clinton Foundation can answer this question- if we can find those lost SERCO TOR emails on Hillary’s server!$$?? I bet Jarrett/Obama/Holder/Hillary/Bill are all on the Super Size order charged to taxpayer’s!?