by Tabitha Korol, TPATH Contributor, ©2015

(Apr. 7, 2015) — We’ve seen the way the Associated Press skews its commentaries, and this latest approach to delegitimize the State of Israel is to challenge her democratic values amid an expanse of dictatorships. After Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election to his post of Prime Minister, Dan Perry, AP’s Middle East editor, writes, “with the occupation of the West Bank grinding on toward the half-century mark, and with Netanyahu’s election-week statement that no change is imminent, hard questions arise.” His question and answer are, “Is Israel a democracy?  The answer is not so straightforward.”

Editor Perry’s premise is an immediate indictment against Israel, crafted to set the reader’s mind in motion to join in the attack.  Surely, he calculatedly omits the history that explains why these Arabs (now renamed Palestinians) remain in the West Bank.  Not only did he fail to recap that it was because Israel was attacked by Jordan and won that war that she acquired this territory, but he also excluded the fact that Israel offered land for peace on eleven separate occasions.  The Palestinian leaders emphatically rejected the idea.  Their strategy was to keep these Palestinians as pawns for as long as it takes to change world opinion and paint Israel as the aggressor and punishing “occupier,” until they succeed in hijacking all of Israel for Islam.

Thus, these Palestinians became the world’s eternal ‘victims” of oppression, set up to receive perpetual support monies from the United Nations, Europe, America, and Israel, even as the original victims have long been replaced by succeeding generations.  Meanwhile, the new Palestinians wage evermore-creative wars against Israel, including increasingly lethal rocket and human attacks; and myriad propagandist accusations of apartheid, illegal housing and roads; accusing Israelis of causing floods, droughts, and shortages.  One effective accusation was the Jenin “Massacre that wasn’t,”  when the majority of 52 dead were combatants, and  Doctors Without Borders confirmed that Palestinians had disinterred old corpses for authentic scenography.

Perry doesn’t remind his readers that just as non-citizens living outside of America have no voting rights within America, so non-citizen Palestinians living outside of Israel have no voting rights in Israel.  The two million Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel, of course, have the same voting rights as other Israelis, Jew and non-Jew alike. If these Palestinian Arabs ever show themselves to be civilized enough to lay down their weapons and seek peace, and to create their own democratic state, they may one day be able to vote for their own leadership.  Unfortunately, Palestinian parents and teachers are coaching their small children to hate and to kill – to even practice beheading skills on dolls.  Surveys show that the majority of Muslims worldwide prefers Islamic law, Sharia, which is antithetical to democracy, so that these long-suffering people will be more harshly ruled than ever by their authoritarian clergy and perhaps never experience an authentic election.

The author makes at least three off-the-wall accusations that show a decided, preconceived effort to blemish the Jewish state.

The first was his expectation that non-citizens have the right to vote in their occupiers’ elections.  When the United States and our allies occupied Japan and Germany after winning the Second World War (and the US still maintains military bases in Japan), neither Axis voted in the elections of the victors.

Second, Perry claimed that Israelis are concerned that the West Bank Palestinians have no voting rights for Israel’s parliament.   There are no such foolhardy concerns.  The West Bank is Judea and Samaria, long acknowledged as the original Jewish homeland by the United Nations.  Israelis know the unfeasibility of a two-state solution as long as the Palestinians adamantly maintain their enemy status.  A handshake for peace requires two hands.

The third bears mention because it is so ludicrous.  Perry must accuse Israel as “indirectly” dominating Gaza because Israel completely vacated Gaza in 2005.  Gazan Palestinians are occupied and dominated by Hamas, terrorists whose activities consistently put the civilians in harm’s way and inhibit the potential for democracy.

Associated Press is notorious for its false accusations against Israel, America’s ally, while defending Islamic countries, those that produce terrorists who maim, kill, and enslave innocents by the thousands, the same countries that vow Israel’s and America’s destruction. Perry is one of numerous unethical journalists who are willfully dishonest and unreliable.  They use selective inattention (or willful blindness) straight from the Muslim playbook. Rather than write that the Arab nations control their people to such a degree that torture and death are commonplace, that hangings and beheadings are done in the public arena, that children begin their lessons of hate and acceptance of death with Kindergarten, he falsely accuses Israel of violating human rights.

One can’t help but wonder if these degenerate journalists comply with Associated Press’s directives to consciously misrepresent the facts for their own biases or gain, or that they are habitual liars who actually come to believe the untruths they spew.  Contrary to what Perry himself concluded, I think the answer is quite straightforward.  They are in collusion: it is AP and its journalists.



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  1. On the other side of the wall Muslims teach their future Jihadists that Jews are Apes and America is the Great Satan.
    And all the while they are chanting, “No Jew between me and the sea. No Jew between me and the sea.”
    It’s their mantra. It permeates every aspect of their being.
    “Peace?” They know not the word.
    Meanwhile, yet another generation of misfits join all the previous misfits that have come before them.
    A never-ending succession of just-more-of-the-same, beheading women because they can do so with impunity because the political playground gives men the license to do so. And for that privilege Muslim men prop-up the Imams and the Ayatollahs into a life of debauchery and luxury (by their sick standards).
    And America is supposed to make a “Treaty” with Iran? Say it’s a joke.
    No, it’s America who is the one who lost her way, just look at any bureaucrat: they’re all, after all, just county employees at heart.
    Meanwhile, Islam is forever making inroads on our way of life.
    And does anyone really think they’ll be anything left over worth saving?

  2. 1st, the Media, as a whole, has been “PUSHED” as in Jessie Jackson’s People United to save Humanity Organization where it was found that major corporations could be intimidated into making huge donations AND agree to changes in the administration of the corporations.

    2nd, Once co-opted the media began picking the winners and losers in the political arena and within its own conglomerate structure by coopting the Standing Committee of Communication aka, the Senate Press Gallery & White House Press Corps.

    This has been and is being done by a segment of the world population in the name of a Political Philosophy that is antithetical to Political Philosophies that were framed within the COTUS.

    The people are intended to be the masters of the creature vs the creature struggling to be the master of the people.

    The creature is willing to kill the people and the people’s political philosophy in its struggle to be the master of whatever is left.