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by New York State Grassroots Groups

New York State is one of the original 13 colonies, but in its constitution, the right to bear arms does not appear

(Mar. 12, 2015) — We Lobbied in Albany again on March 10 – had great success – gained more support – Report Coming soon

We will be going to Albany again on Tuesday, March 17. Anyone willing to come to Albany and deliver office mail and/or lobby please drop me a line – thanks.

We feel we now have enough votes to pass repeal in the Senate – we’ll know for sure soon – keep pushing the Senators, please.

We are gaining ground in the Assembly – we are much closer than most believe. We might be within 6 to 10 votes for repeal and rapidly closing the gap.

We also feel it is within the possibility to get a super-majority, at least in the Senate and possibly the Assembly too – please keep pushing – Keep Fighting…… momentum is on OUR side.

At this time there are nine assembly members who voted NO on the SAFE Act who have not signed on to DiPietro Bill A03943. We are asking that YOU help – call them – write them – visit them – email them……please.

Thanks – Keep Pushing

Here are their names and contact info – followed by a sample letter:
We need to get all of this group as cosponsors:
10 Voted NO on Safe Act and are still in Assembly And are not sponsors for repeal
*Brindisi Anthony J. Brindisi – LOB Room 427, (518) 455-5454 brindisia@assembly.state.ny.us
Gunther Aileen M. Gunther LOB Room 435, (518) 455-5355 GuntheA@assembly.state.ny.us
*Johns Mark Johns LOB Room 549, (518) 455-5784 johnsm@assembly.state.ny.us
Kearns Michael P. Kearns LOB Room 431, (518) 455-4691 kearnsm@assembly.state.ny.us
*Lupardo Donna A. Lupardo LOB Room 626, (518) 455-5431 LupardoD@assembly.state.ny.us
*Magee William Magee 518-455-4807 LOB 828 MageeW@assembly.state.ny.us
Montesano Michael Montesano 518-455-4684 LOB 437 MontesanoM@assembly.state.ny.us
*Raia Andrew P. Raia 518-455-5952 LOB 629 RaiaA@assembly.state.ny.us
Saladino Joseph S. Saladino 518-455-5305 LOB 720 SaladiJ@assembly.state.ny.us
Schimminger Robin Schimminger 518-455-4767 LOB 847 SchimmR@assembly.state.ny.us
SAMPLE LETTER – use as is or compose your own talking points – thanks:
(subject Box) {REQUEST and info please]
Dear Assembly member,
In 2013 you voted NO on The Safe Act – Thank you for standing tall against great pressure and resisting the corruption associated with all facets of the Safe Act.
As you know the largest coalition in history is actively pushing for FULL repeal of the Safe Act. We are certain that we are close to having majority support for repeal. We have protested and lobbied hard and will continue until the Safe Act and all its corruption is completely overturned. We now ask for your assistance.
You have not sign on to cosponsor Assembly bill A03943. You are hereby respectfully asked:
Will you please cosponsor [DiPietro] A03943?
Your reply is eagerly awaited – thank you

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