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(Mar. 5, 2015) — One of my proudest moments was when I raised my right hand and took the Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution at my voluntary induction into the military. The Oath was to a document and not to a tree or the ground that the tree grew on, nor was it to a person or to a people. The Oath taken was to honor my steadfast belief that everyone has the right to live his life in a fair and just manner, without any undue interference from an overzealous government wishing to limit the freedom of speech (dissent) and the right of every citizen to arm himself to the teeth if they so wish.

During my travels around the world, I came away with many fond memories, except the memories of how we treated the South Vietnamese and the rest of the inhabitants of that region. Saying that we meant well and actually doing things that helped are two different animals. We didn’t help that region of the world one bit. As a matter of fact, if you factor in Agent Orange, we made it a whole lot worse for generations to come. And that’s when I let it be known to anyone who would listen, back in 1965, that by leaving we’d be committing genocide, not necessarily directly, but by default.

And that’s exactly what happened. Welcome to Pol Pot’s psychopaths (Khmer Rouge) running wild, going as far as killing their own parents to show solidarity with the regime. The genocide that occurred in South Vietnam after the USA left was a taboo subject, shunned by the press, and still isn’t talked about. Seems as if trade with Vietnam today trumps justice administered to Communist murderers of yesterday.

Fast forward 40 years to America’s present administration violating the constitutional rights of the citizens by the de facto Barry Obama. Our totally worthless Congress prides itself by passing more laws year by year when we really need half the laws on the books repealed.

Getting back to the hallowed ground our forefathers set foot on, it has been overrun by greed, and of the two kinds of greed, I don’t know which is worse. On the one hand, you have the illegal immigrants who demonstrably show no respect for our laws, while on the other, we have our fellow citizens who allow the illegal immigrants not only an open door to enter, but the ability to stay.

If it weren’t for politicians’ financial gain in allowing illegal immigrants to be within our country, we wouldn’t have any illegal immigrants. Since after World War II, attempts to nullify the “anchor-baby clause” have failed. During my 2012 presidential election, one of my platform points was to retroactively end the anchor-baby clause going back to 1995.

The mayhem that illegal immigrants have wrought upon the citizens of American during the last 20 years is truly mind-boggling. Actually, since Eric Holder’s destruction of the DOJ, kidnappings of American women along the border between the USA and Mexico have increased but are rarely, if ever, reported. It’s quite amazing that any American would voluntarily cross the border to Mexico, the land of graft. If Americans wanted to visit a truly corrupt land, let them visit New Orleans.

Thus far, not one country has rounded up its Muslim population and deported them back to whatever sand dune they immigrated from. Poor England, a land once rich in medieval history but now just days, if not hours, away from having all its precious statues and history erased from the face of the earth. The beheading of Lee Rigby, on the streets of London in broad daylight, is but the tip. And look at America: over 3,000 killed on 9-11 and even that’s not enough to “awaken a sleeping giant.

The trouble is, there is no “sleeping giant.” The beast died through greed, ignorance and corruption. No, it seems that the only country that has a handle on any semblance of the concept of Freedom, Equality and Justice is Israel; therefore, I declare my allegiance to any country that supports, not by word, but by deed, equal justice for all.

America has been corrupted beyond recognition. It wasn’t Obama who killed America; it was the Joint Chiefs of Staff who allowed LTC Terry Lakin to be stripped of his constitutional rights in a kangaroo court-martial while the rest of the military, and America, helplessly looked on as a shackled, decorated and honorable United States soldier, Terry Lakin, was paraded in full public view to the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth.

Adding the four Americans left out in the cold in Benghazi in September 2012 just adds to the horrible demise of our military leadership(?).

And it’s my choice, isn’t it now, to stand with OUR Constitution AND Israel.

The End

[Keep your powder dry. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy (supporters of this Administration). Support our 2nd Amendment.]

Semper Fi



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  1. “Federal agents Tuesday broke up alleged “birth tourism” rings in Southern California, raiding several homes and apartment complexes where pregnant Chinese women on fraudulent visas paid up to $80,000 so their babies would be born U.S. citizens.”

    The stupidity of the voters supporting the “anchor baby” non-sense would allow any of these “citizens” to run our country in the near future.