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by New York State Grassroots Groups

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is running for re-election next month

(Oct. 15, 2014) — If YOU have some courage you’re gonna like this – look for details coming soon

Saturday: Going to Westchester County to visit Cuomo. Do ya think he will join US?

Saturday: The caravan will continue on to Long Island

Sunday: Rt 17 to towns heading North

Details are nearly complete – Please Stay tuned.
Civic Duty – ACTION At Its Best – That’s What WE Are Achieving.
Do YOU agree the LAWLESSNESS of the NY Legislature MUST come to an end?

The BT Tour has made the news in many towns and cities. They can’t deny WE are a force that needs to be considered. OUR program is making people “think” all over OUR state. OUR LOUD VOICE and visual stimulus will make a difference in history. The momentum is building for OUR next phase – “downstate”.

We have given away countless NO Safe Act Lawn Signs – and will continue with more. AND NOW it’s time to pull out all the stops and show OUR visual protest in force…….wearing “Cuomo’s Gotta Go” and FULL Repeal of the Safe Act gear. Please Join US on the Banner Truck Tour Phase 3 !!!!!

Gunners UNITE With Stop Common Core And Anti Crony Capitalism.

Free US from wrongfulness – Join OUR Banner Truck Tour !!!!

OUR Mission: Never The End – Always just the beginning until WE Achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act…….. Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen – matters not if YOU are for or against what WE term as Tyrannical gun control – it is YOUR Rights WE are Fighting for. Join US in Civic Duty. March with US in OUR quest for FREEDOM and LIBERTY….. Vote ‘em out – Vote ‘em in – in the end it will be up to “We the People.” Think about this: Their power comes from OUR money and votes – BOYCOTT!
OUR Grassroots Coalition is tens of thousands strong. We motivate and inform through FREE Email only. We share inspiration, ideas, suggestions and worthy events – but NEVER YOUR email address.

Join US by emailing albel1@aol.com ……….”Sign Me Up”

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