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by OPOVV, ©2014

ISIS intends to establish an Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East and the world

(Sep. 3, 2014) — From the drug cartels south of the border to the terrorists in the Middle East, the videos on the internet that show the depravity of the human animal is a classic study of “mob insanity.” To call these butchers “human” would be a disgrace to humanity, yet, quite apparently, there seems to be no shortage of people who totally lack an ounce of empathy for their fellow humans and, furthermore, take perverse pleasure in torturing and murdering people whose only crime was to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time; the “Hand of Fate” guided their lives to be forfeit on the altar of pure worthlessness.

Killing women and children has never been a deterrent for people who like to murder people. From their perspective it doesn’t matter the age or the sex. Look at ISIS in Iraq, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, murdering just to make the point that they can. Well, isn’t that just earth-shattering. What a joke. Yes, any human has the physical capability to push a button, pull a trigger or light a match. Big deal.

Which brings us to the topic of “mental wellness.” Here’s a question for you: during the past day, have you felt the need to cover your face, to hide your face so you can’t be recognized for the deeds that you were doing? Take me, for instance. I mowed the lawn the other day and I must’ve murdered thousands of insects. I must’ve run over hundreds of ants and, yes, I feel bad about my transgressions, but at least I didn’t do one little thing to any human being. So no mask for me.

Maybe someone stole something from a convenience store, perhaps they used a gun, so they had their face covered so they couldn’t be identified in a possible future line-up. Maybe somebody did something far, far worse and they were afraid of ever being identified, even by their own family, so they hid their faces. Maybe they were ashamed of what they were doing. So much for their “mental wellness.” Here’s the news flash: you can’t sneak by St. Peter. There’s no way to lie to God. There is no way possible to erase the past.

And yet we see videos of brutality on the internet, submitted by the drug cartels and the Muslim terrorists, faces covered. I served in the military and I never hid my face. I’m sorry, but it really makes one wonder about the sincerity of these madmen. Why hide their faces? Are they afraid? Are they embarrassed? What gives? The Israeli soldiers don’t hide their faces, neither do the Germans, French or English. Why, even the United Nations troops don’t hide their faces.

So…you see a Muslim in a burqa at the mall. Well, is it a woman or a man and does she/he have any weapons, maybe a suicide vest, enough to blow the mall to smithereens? We may soon see Muslims driving on our Interstates, randomly shooting at cars and trucks, killing just for nothing, just as ISIS has done in Iraq.

The pictures that have come out of Egypt, the destruction of churches and the murdering of Christians; the Muslims killing non-Muslims in Kashmir, Iraq, Syria; the brutality of Muslims upon Infidels in Africa is the reality.

And there’s another reality: Muslims within our borders. Islamic Law (Sharia) will not accommodate any other law. In other words, the Constitution must (Muslims think) accommodate Islamic Law (Sharia), which is the ONE reason we have Muslims in our country: they’re here to take over. Period. THEY’RE HERE NOW! No discussion needed. And the brutality part? You don’t want to know.

Semper Fi


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  1. It goes way back to close to the invention of dirt. If any fool thinks we can change it, that person adds a new definition to the term “fool”. Only Jesus can change man’s heart. If anyone thinks otherwise, he has basically told God that His Son’s sacrifice wasn’t good enough. the “Day” is coming when all of us will have to answer for everything we ever did. And unless you can say Jesus forgave me on the cross, You will be like the thief crucified with Him that only knew how to scoff. Guess where he went, and the other who asked for forgiveness while there was still time had the promise to be with Jesus in paradise. That’s where I’ll be – hope to see you there too. If not, oh well.

  2. I believe they have been for along time. Just think about the muslim training camps that have been set up around the country. There are about 35-40 at last count and they don’t let law enforcement in.

    1. RoseC, you’re right.
      Everyone knows that that these “Islam Urban Training Camps” aren’t there for humanitarian and beneficial purposes. They don’t have drills on how to save people: they teach the young how to decapitate by having the little-moderate-misunderstood Muslims cut-off the heads of the dogs that they acquire by any means offered to them: adoption, dog napping and rounding-up strays.
      No, most Americans are completely oblivious to what’s happening in their own backyard. Reminds one of the people who lived in the vicinity of the concentration camps in Europe during WWII: “I know nothing!”
      Obots and Congress are blindly stupid by signing their own Death Warrants, which I don’t have a problem with. I do, however, have a problem that, because of our fellow American’s stupid actions, you, my family, neighbors and country may (WILL) be harmed.
      Look how much to world has become a much more dangerous place since the de facto Muslim took office as president. Yes, they’ve been here for awhile.