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by OPOVV, ©2014

The Muslim Brotherhood is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel

(Aug. 11, 2014) — I can attest, first-hand, that if Intel (military intelligence) isn’t acted upon in an expedient manner, you might as well have received it via Pony Express. Furthermore, if the intel isn’t believed, why bother reading or listening to it in the first place?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a bunch of young American men were in the fight of their lives. They were surrounded and the only thing that saved them was the earth’s spin so the sun’s rays wouldn’t continue to light up the battleground: in other words, it got dark. Scouts were sent out to find an escape route. The intel that came back was that there were no escape avenues: they were indeed surrounded, so the kid in charge gave the order to attack, silently. So off they went, as a group, even to the point of dragging the wounded along: “Either we all make it, or we all die” were the words spoken by the kid in charge.

Trusting intel is like trusting your instruments under IFR conditions: it takes an act of faith. The difference between a rumor and intel is the difference between a “belief” and a fact. Take, for instance, Obama’s fake Birth Certificate that the White House released prior to LTC Terry Lakin’s release from a Federal penitentiary. Some believe that Obama was actually vetted and therefore eligible to hold the office of president, while others stick with the facts of the case: Obama (or whatever name he’s going by today) is an ineligible, de facto government employee.

Here’s more intel: Obama is using a stolen Social Security number. As a matter of fact, the person who goes by the name of B. Hussein Obama was never issued a Social Security number because, and here’s even more intel, Obama isn’t even a U.S. citizen: he’s an illegal Muslim immigrant plant bent on the destruction of Israel and the USA.

But we know all the above. What we fail to understand is our fellow citizens’ willing assistance in cutting their own head off (figuratively and literally speaking) by continuing to support the usurper de facto “America’s Joke” of a president.

How come the U.S. Navy doesn’t have multiple warships shelling Hamas in Gaza? Aren’t we supposed to be Israel’s ally? Why do we allow Christians to be killed all over the world? How come we haven’t taken out Iran’s nuclear bomb program?

We have actually elected Muslims to Congress (let alone the presidency). Known socialists have also been elected. We have allowed Muslim terrorist organizations to operate openly and freely within our borders, e.g., C.A.I.R.  We have watched as known members of the Muslim Brotherhood are not only allowed to be in our country, but are also welcomed guests into our White House. We have intel that mosques are armories. We have intel that the Islamovilles scattered throughout our country are the displaced Afghan terrorist training camps that we went over there to destroy.

And it goes on and on: patriots being targeted by the Federal government. DHS is nothing but a Muslim relocating home service, finding places to live for whole Somalian (Muslim) villages. Intel states that the DHS has allowed open borders so that Muslims can infiltrate, with weapons and parts of weapons, with impunity.

Yet we have ignored the intel. Falsifying information on a Selective Service Registration card is a felony, yet the Attorney General, Eric Holder, has yet to arrest Obama. Muslims are here to kill us Infidels, yet we allow them into our country while our DOJ, FBI and all the others turn a blind eye.

The intel is clear: Muslims are on the march; their campaign to subjugate the world is a real threat, and to ignore the threat is to deny the intel, and those who deny prompt and correct intel are lost.

It’s our choice. Be informed and be armed.

Semper Fi


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