Constitutionalist Nick Purpura to Host Cable TV Show Beginning on Thursday Night


by Sharon Rondeau

Students for a Better Future is a non-profit educational institution which seeks to encourage independent thought among college students on a variety of issues

(Jul. 24, 2014) — In an editorial submitted on Wednesday to The Post & Email from TPATH, Mr. Nicholas Purpura announced that he will be hosting a cable TV show beginning on Thursday evening sponsored by the non-profit group Students for a Better Future (SFBF).

SFBF is a 501(c)(3) “think tank” founded in New Jersey by Doreen Finkle which seeks “to provide educational space for research and practice for independent minded thinkers, academics, community organizers, activist, and political thinkers.” SFBF operates a radio station and a television station known as Liberty Action Network TV.

Finkle has hosted shows on the Second Amendment, the Common Core educational standards ushered in under Obama, and homeschooling, among other topics.

Liberty Action Network TV’s broadcast schedule is here.

Finkle is also CEO of, a partner of Liberty Action Network.  Finkle homeschooled her two sons and has contributed to writing an educational curriculum to promote “free thought” and local control of schools.

Purpura has been speaking to groups both formally and informally for more than 30 years and was asked to host the new show entitled “Eagle on the Air” using Purpura’s internet screen name, “Eagle.”  Listeners can access the show by Skype using access code “dor123abc.”

In an interview on Thursday, Purpura told us that his purpose is to reach young people at the university level in order to “systematically using students and society” to achieve the goals of the Communist Party in America.   Purpura said his editorial referred to the Hitleresque technique of portraying special-interest groups as victims and sees his program as an alternative to the standard college courses taught today on “homosexuality” and “abortion,” as examples.

On July 4, Purpura was featured on Students for a Better Future Radio reading the U.S. Constitution.  Other shows have focused on invasion of privacy, the economy, politics and public education.  Finkle has also hosted congressional candidates on BlogTalkRadio.

Articles on the SFBF website cover totalitarianism, Marxism and racism, and “immigration reform.”

Purpura has owned and operated a newspaper, worked on Wall Street, is currently writing a book, and considers himself “a constitutionalist.”  He disdains both political parties, stating, “They’re both the same.”

Purpura said he will be asking questions and inviting listeners to “try to debate me.”  He said the parameters for callers who dissent with his positions will be courtesy and a sincere desire to conduct an intellectually-honest discussion of the issue.  “I will not tolerate sophistry,” Purpura told us.  “The goal of the show is to create critical thinking.  ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge,'” Purpura said, quoting from Hosea 4:6.

He anticipates topics to include the Second Amendment, communism’s creep into America, the expansion of government, and changes in American culture.  He believes that young people are being “brainwashed and indoctrinated” on college campuses and “should be told the truth.”

In 2010, Purpura and co-plaintiff Donald E. Laster, Jr. filed a lawsuit challenging Obamacare on 19 different points in the U.S. Constitution which they claimed were violated by the law.

Purpura believes that the onslaught against America’s culture over the last five decades has emanated from the communist playbook to implement a “communist utopia” in the United States based on a list of 45 goals as read into the Congressional Record of 1963.

He expects to host the show on a biweekly basis.  The show begins at 8:15 EDT this evening.

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