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by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDA, ©2014

(Jul. 22, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

This past week has been mainly about planting seeds, and decentralization. I have been on dozens of individual calls, several conference calls, and a couple meetings. I know the people of the Resistance have been very, very busy as well. We are busy working on a swarm-based update system, and inserting swarm tactics into the take back campaign.

Here’s this week’s news:

  • PANDA on ABC’s 6 On Your Side
  • Congressman, You’re still wrong on the NDAA
  • Rutland, MA, defeated the NDAA, but its citizens haven’t forgotten
  • Good Luck, PANDA Alaska!
  • National NDAA Resistance Call Scheduled For Aug. 4th

PANDA on ABC’s 6 On Your Side 

It seems that, for once, the media was quite literally “on our side.” PANDA Idaho attended a “support the Constitution” protest last week, and got the eye of local media.

Watch the video now:

Congressman, You’re still wrong on the NDAA

Everyone’s favorite mom, Daphne Lee of PANDA Nevada, sets her Congressman, Joe Heck, straight on the NDAA. It has almost 1,000 shares and counting:


Rutland, MA, defeated the NDAA, but its citizens haven’t forgotten

The Rutland Herald had not one, but two, letters to the editor on how dangerous the NDAA is to citizens. “Rights continue to fade away” and “Our rights are under attack” It’s people haven’t forgotten what they did.:



Good Luck, PANDA Alaska!

PANDA Alaska started a few months ago, with just one guy and some determination.

I met Jamie when he sent me an email one day about getting started in his hometown in Alaska. He had heard of us on the radio, and wanted to do something to take back his town. We had a few conversations via email, and then started talking via phone. He was on his iPad, so couldn’t access the packet on our website and we took the time to create a whole new page so he could access it.

You never know if things are going to pay off or not, but because of the stakes, we do it.

A few months later, I arranged to fly up there to help kickstart the Resistance, and I’ll tell you I have rarely seen the type of spirit and passion he put into this. There were signs, posters, and flyers everywhere, newspaper and radio ads, and people across the city ready to learn, and possibly take action. It was like, for a few weeks, the rockstar of this community was the Constitution, our inalienable rights, and the fight to restore them.

We had a stellar week touring the area, and then he assembled a team of people concerned about the issue, several of which I had the pleasure of meeting. This team has been working together in a stellar way, and tonight and later this week, they will be reaching the climax of their efforts. They will be presenting their city council with the Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution, to ban the NDAA there.

So, in a salute to one of the most passionate, active, and impressive teams I have ever had the pleasure of working with…and people who will never give up until their rights are truly protected:

Good luck PANDA Alaska. This week, you deserve it, and if your city council dares turn this down, we’ve got your back until you win. 

Take action against the NDAA here: http://pandaunite.org/resist/

-Dan Johnson
Founder, PANDA

National NDAA Resistance Call Scheduled For Aug. 4th

Last, but certainly not least, we will be opening up the phone lines for the Midyear National NDAA Resistance Call. Be sure to join us and hear how large the movement has grown, our goals for the rest of the year, and hear from the top activists in the Resistance: their strategies, their ideas, and what they have done to go from fighting…to winning.

August 4th

8PM Eastern Time


Access code: 270082

Be sure to mark your calendars!

Invite others to get breaking news from the NDAA Resistance: https://tinyletter.com/pandaunite

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