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(Jun. 6, 2014) — So I was saying to my friend, “Look, you can’t make a horse drink if he doesn’t want to, and you can’t, like, herd cats. Remember that movie ‘Babe;‘ you know, where the pig wins the contest by herding sheep? Well, if that pig was herding cats, nobody would’ve believed it.”

Friend: “Nobody believed it anyway.”

Me: “Yes they did: children did, and because the kids believed it, the adults got to be little kids again, fantasizing ‘little-kid’ belief where the ‘Good-Guys’ are always wearing the white hat and the ‘Bad-Guys’ are always caught and have to pay the price of their indiscretions.”

Friend: “But that doesn’t happen in real life. In real life people are put on ‘Administrative Leave,’ with pay, and that’s the last you ever hear of it. Like that cop who tossed a flashbang grenade into the crib of a baby. Bet you a $20 that he’s on the fast-track on his next promotion.”

Me: “Look, let’s start at the beginning, the very beginning: we can’t have Muslims in our military.”

Friend: “Why not? They have just as much right as anyone else.”

Me: “See, that’s where you’ve missed the boat, train, plane…you name it, you missed it. These Muslims aren’t, like, people, unless you want to call people savages. They aren’t Americans simply because they don’t embrace the Constitution.   As a matter of fact, they want to do away with it and do the Sharia thing; you know, a sorry excuse so old men can take advantage of young women. It’s all a big sick act. It’s sick, I tell you. You think Fort Hood was an exception? Best wise-up: the Joint Chiefs of Staff sacrificed LTC Terry Lakin on the altar of ignorance and stupidity; you know, the same altar that Congress worships, along with all the other Occupiers and Obots.”

Friend: “Ft. Hood was an exception.”

Me: “There are no exceptions, just rules, and Islam has a rule for everything. It’s a draconian blueprint for a Totalitarian-run America and the dumbing-down of Americans who still, even with this Bowe Bergdahl fiasco, believe that the usurper de facto Clown, America’s greatest embarrassment, Obama, is not an illegal immigrant; is not a felon with a stolen Social Security number and fraudulent Selective Service Registration card, let alone a fraudulent BIRTH CERTIFICATE; and not a Muslim to boot, whose only design for our country is to destroy it.”

Friend: “Well, he’s the president.”

Me: “I don’t want to sound impolite, but at least say ‘de facto’ preceding the word ‘president.’ Think you can do that?”

Friend: “He showed his Birth Certificate.”

Me: “He showed a fake Birth Certificate because he’s a fake. Don’t you get it?”

Friend: “Well, I don’t have a problem with anything.”

Me: “Trust me on this one: if you had a Muslim in your squad you’d be a little bit concerned about it. I say eliminate the problem: no Muslims in our military. None. Not even a hint of a savage; are we clear on that?’

Friend: “I suppose so.”

Me: “Amnesty, no deportations; the government pushing drugs, the cops setting the price; Obama as the president, in reality a ‘de facto’; Muslims in the military killing our Christian soldiers; the USA arming Al-Qaeda so they can kill Christians in Syria; Iran another day closer to having a nuclear device with Israel as the ‘Target of Opportunity’; and STILL the Joint Chiefs of Staff allow Muslims in our military. Do you see a pattern here, perhaps? Let’s talk present tense: the military coup is past-tense. And it would be all over for us if we didn’t have the 2nd Amendment. Exercise your rights: be armed and watch your back for any Muslims and anti-Americans, whether you’re in the military or not.”

Friend: “And this ‘Blood out of a Turnip’ thing?”

Me: “Facts, just facts. You can’t change the Ft. Hood ‘Allahu Akbar’ into “workplace violence,” no matter how you spin it. And you can’t spin Bergdahl into anything other than a sorry excuse to give away five  Gitmo Muslims for nothing.”

Semper Fi


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  1. They can sure “lock up” Veterans that stand up for the Constitution and stand for investigations of Obama’s hidden papers from Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle, why the DNC is hiding Obama’s false POTUS status, his false SS number of an 88 year old man in Connecticut, his falsified qualification when he holds a “dual citizenship”, his mother who was just taken off the FBI Most Wanted List and is traveling with Obama and has been seen in multiple scenes under a fictitious name who was a bomber with Bill Ayers.