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by Sharon Rondeau

Sudan has been ravaged by civil war and Christian persecution, the latter of which has intensified since 2011 when the new nation of South Sudan broke away from Sudan

(May 31, 2014) — On Friday’s edition of Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” host Megyn Kelly discussed at length with a Sharia law expert the imprisonment of Meriam Ibrahim Wani, a doctor and mother of two who was sentenced to 100 lashes for “adultery” for marrying her Christian husband and then condemned to death for failing to renounce her own Christian faith.

The expert contended that America has lost its moral grounding and has little to no conception of how women are treated in countries where Sharia law is practiced.

As of May 22, 24 members of the U.S. House of Representatives had signed a letter to putative Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to work to free the then-pregnant Meriam and her 20-month-old son from the primitive prison in which they have been held for nearly four months.

On Tuesday, Meriam gave birth without any medical assistance to a daughter who she named Maya, which is also the name of Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged half-sister.

On Thursday, Kelly spoke with Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins on the case, stating that since Meriam’s husband Daniel is a U.S. citizen, the children are also U.S. citizens.  Perkins quoted a United Nations report that stated that each day in the summer, one child dies from the harsh environment of the disease-ridden and overcrowded prison where Meriam and her children are incarcerated.

ABC reported that Wani is a naturalized American citizen, as have other mainstream outlets.

Perkins reported that Meriam remained chained while she gave birth, although some reports said that she was moved to a medical wing of the prison.

The Daily Mail Online showed photos of Meriam with her newborn daughter and son Martin in which Meriam appears gaunt and arguably unwell as compared to her wedding photos from December 2011.  Her husband Daniel, who is wheelchair-bound from muscular dystrophy, also appears much thinner.

The Daily Mail reports that now that Meriam has given birth, she will receive the 100 lashes which are almost sure to kill her within the next two weeks unless the appeal her attorneys have mounted, public outrage, or both, are successful in staying or reversing the sentence.  “She will never see Maya grow up as she refuses to renounce Christianity,” the paper said.

Perkins wants the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to extend refugee status immediately to Meriam and the children, regardless of their citizenship.  Decrying the lack of action to date on the part of the Obama regime, Perkins said that the meaning of American citizenship has been denigrated over the years, invoking the case of U.S. citizen Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been repeatedly beaten and denied medical care while in the worst prison in Iran.  The State Department also has made no apparent effort on his behalf to rescue him from his eight-year sentence for “proseletyzing,” although he had permission from the Iranian government to open an orphanage there when he was arrested.

While the State Department has acknowledged awareness of the case, it has not publicly committed to assisting in having Meriam and the children released.

If Meriam is murdered, her children will be given to an Islamic cleric to be raised, as her husband’s Christian faith precludes him from raising his own children, according to Sharia law, which is the law of the land in Sudan.

A petition launched by Perkins two days ago now has 29,360 signatures as of 1:00 p.m. EDT Saturday afternoon but requires 100,000 for the White House purportedly to take action on it.

“Something needs to be done,” Kelly commented to Perkins during the interview.

On Friday, The Post & Email was unable to reach a live person at the State Department who could speak knowledgeably about the issue.  Perkins said that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told a congressman who asked if he were aware of the case, “I think I’ve heard about it.”

A Saturday report at Fox News quotes the State Department as “fully engaged” in taking action and reproduced an email issued by the State Department which was also sent to a reader of The Post & Email three days ago.

An opinion column at Al Jazeera stated that “Sudan’s ruling regime prides itself in a constitution that ‘preserves the rights of non-Muslims,’ but Mariam’s case completely goes against that claim.”

On May 20, as Meriam and her son languished in the Khartoum prison, Obama authorized “up to $50,000,000” in aid for South Sudan for “unexpected urgent refugee and migration needs resulting from the crisis in South Sudan.”


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