by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDA, ©2014

(May 22, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

PANDA’s Founder and National Director, Dan Johnson, will be appearing LIVE on Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set, on RTAmerica, Thursday @ 6PM EST. This will be PANDA and the NDAA Resistance’s first time on Primetime television, as Russia Today has a distribution of over 650 million viewers worldwide, and RT America is available to 85 million viewers in the United States.

Dan will be promoting the work you all are doing, as well as talking about the beginnings of PANDA, the Take Back Campaign, and the upcoming Take Back Tour concert series.

The Take Back Tour, which will be in at least three cities, is a concert tour with speakers, artists such as Immortal Technique and the Ameros, and a powerful message of resisting the NDAA. Thanks to several of you who donated during our Moneybomb and Indiegogo campaigns, this is now a reality.

Please tune in to RT America (ask your cable provider or http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ for TV listings) at 6PM Eastern Time, Thursday May 22nd to see the NDAA Resistance break into the mainstream.

Also, if you are near Atlanta, GA or Albany, NY, you can get your tickets to the Take Back Concert tour here: http://takebacktour.com/

For Liberty!

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