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by Sharon Rondeau

Sheriff’s Kit DVD containing official presentation of Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo as to how the determination of forgery of Obama’s only publicly-proffered identification documents was made

(May 20, 2014) — On Tuesday, WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) activists Mike Volin, Cheryl Surber and Jeff Harrison, who are in Washington, DC for Operation American Spring (OAS), returned to Congress after a full day there on Monday distributing about 25 “Sheriff’s Kit” DVDs to members of Congress and their staffers.

The kits feature a presentation by Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo explaining how the criminal investigative team determined that the long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form purported to be Obama’s are nothing more than “computer-generated forgeries.”

On Sunday, Volin and a team of about a dozen stood outside of the White House holding a sign publicizing WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com and the effort to inform every member of Congress that crimes have been committed in the release of the fraudulent documents to the public.  Volin reported that two of about 20 kits distributed that day were taken in to the White House as the group watched.

On April 27, 2011, an image said to be a scan of Obama’s certified, long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health was posted on the White House website, but it was soon declared a forgery by computer and graphics analysts.

Zullo and his team did not begin their investigation until September of that year after approximately 250 local Tea Party members requested it of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, fearing that their votes in the upcoming presidential election would be disenfranchised if Obama were discovered to have been ineligible to serve.

Volin described Tuesday as “great.”  “They knew exactly why we were there.  They listened for a while.  We explained to them what our purpose was.  They gave us assurances that they were going to pass the information along,” he said.  Personnel with whom the three spoke consisted of legislative assistants, chiefs of staff, and other aides.

Volin said he also followed up with congressmen who had previously received Sheriff’s Kits.

Unexpectedly, Volin then added, “…and I actually met with my congressman’s staff member, and we’re working on something special.”

Surber then related her unusual experience on Tuesday:

I have a personal friend who’s a congressman, and he was in a meeting — one of those that’s on C-Span and that sort of thing — and he asked a question of the committee, and then he came out and met with us for five or six or seven, eight minutes.  It was awesome.  I gave him a Sheriff’s Kit DVD, and he’s going to look at it.  I had told Mike that if he’s available and not tied up, “I guarantee he’ll see me.”  Sure enough, he did, although he left the meeting and then went back in.  It was just awesome!

Harrison then spoke with us and said:

Cheryl was the superhero today. She had connections. She was hitting it out of the ball park!  Her connections were unbelievable!  We gave out a lot of Sheriff’s Kits.  What we would do is we’d open a congressman’s door; we would talk to the desk person and say that “we are volunteers from the Sheriff’s Department, and we’d like to give you the affidavit of Sheriff Arpaio’s new information about his investigation.”

We went door-to-door-to-door.  We had all kinds of appointments.  We probably started there around 10:00 and didn’t get done until very recently [Editor’s Note:  We spoke to Harrison at approximately 6:00 p.m. EDT].

“How many Sheriff’s Kits would you say you gave out today?” The Post & Email asked Harrison.

Mike’s got a stack of cards probably an inch or inch and a half high.  That’s not counting the ones where we went door-to-door.  We had appointments, and sometimes some of the reps would see us, and we gave a bunch of talks.  We really busted chops today.

Volin then spoke with us again, and he said that the team gave out 55 kits on Tuesday.  “I have an exact count,” he added.

“Were people polite today?  Did they take you seriously?” we asked, recalling the “bizarre” encounter with Rep. Glenn Thompson’s chief of staff on Monday.  Volin responded, “Oh, yes.  None of them looked up at the ceiling or anything like that.”

“Does any of them seem surprised at this point?”

There was one person who said that they weren’t sure about what I was talking about, but another staffer said, “I know about it.”  When I went in as I dropped off a DVD and said, “Please see to it that the representative gets this,” when I walked out of the room, I forgot to get a business card, and when I went back in, there were two other staffers examining it, pulling it out.  So I used the “curiosity technique.”  It really, really worked.

Then we met a congressman, and he had a five-minute conversation with us.  He actually came out of a congressional meeting.  I sat in on the meeting, and then his aide took us from the office to another building to wait outside, and then we went inside.  When he was done questioning, he came outside, and I have a picture of him.  Then he went back into the meeting when we were done.

Mike Volin and NewsBlaze reporter Randy Foreman, May 20, 2014

“What was the highest point of your day today?” we asked Volin, who responded, “Meeting with the congressman and meeting [NewsBlaze reporter] Randy Foreman.”

Foreman has been writing about the Cold Case Posse’s investigation and asking members of Congress as they exit the Washington subway system from Capitol Hill what they know about the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate, of which some have professed to have no knowledge or interest.

Volin said that after he asked Foreman to interview him, Foreman “came down, we took pictures, we exchanged notes, and I got a lot of information from him.”

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  1. May I add my thanks to all who are there, and Mrs. Rondeau for keeping us informed.

    Question: Did Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida receive a Sheriffs Kit?
    “ALAN GRAYSON: Here’s How I Plan To Make The Benghazi Investigation A ‘Nightmare’ For Republicans”
    “It’s ridiculous. They just dredge up one fake scandal after another fake scandal, going all the way back to the president’s birth certificate,” Grayson said.

    Then we have Howard Dean saying “Republicans need to go back to Russia” Sorry, Howard, you and your DemonCrats have brought Russia to America, but then again you have everything upside down and backwards!

    Almighty God is still on his throne and in control, keep the faith!
    I pray God gives us a front row seat to see His miracles again.

  2. Thanks, Sharon, for this report, and huge thanks to the relentless efforts of constitutional patriots Mike Volin, Cheryl Surber and Jeff Harrison, to break through the ignorance or indifference of our elected representatives–who supposedly pledge to uphold our constitution–by delivering the Sherriff kits to them that might open their eyes and persuade them to do something to end the epic fraud being perpetrated upon America by the Muhammadist, Marxist traitor-in-chief.

  3. The tenacity of all involved is laudable and admirable.

    There is so much frustration among patriots, other investigators such as Orly Taitz, and all those who see the concept of “the United States” being ripped asunder.

    That being said, there is a solid belief shared by all that Truth will be Revealed, and that we live in an era which will chronicled in American and World history.

    May God bless all those about whom you are reporting, Mrs. Rondeau!