by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2014

(Apr. 25, 2014) — Prior to revealing once again what duplicitous, dishonest race-baiting liars infest The New York Times and the spinelessness which continues to ulcerate the Republican Party and those phonies who claim to stand for its long-forgotten guiding principles, it needs to made clear just who and what Cliven Bundy is.

Cliven Bundy is a man who hails from an earlier generation, not savvy in the ways of “political two-stepping” which, while he has been struggling to keep a family business viable, has been refined to an art form by those in Washington, D.C. and the mainstream media.

Mr. Bundy is hardened to the environment of hot, windy and dry deserts, where finding a small patch of grazing grass could mean the difference between life and death for his livestock, his employees and the ranch which has survived the elements for generations. He is a man who knows his mind and his heart, and he is a man who speaks from them.

Cliven has fallen prey to the arrogant and manipulative progressive agenda-driven press.  And right on cue, as predictable as lies in an Obama hate speech, yellow-bellied conservative politicians and pundits offer up their tiny little dust-bunny brains to be vacuumed from the debate, but “moron” our side in a moment.

What Cliven has failed to learn is that white people in this new generation have been funneled into a very tiny area of free speech.  He wasn’t informed that there are certain words which can’t be used, under the certainty of banishment from society, when discussing topics of race.

For example, the word cotton is just fine as long as you are referencing the undergarments of a same-sex couple.  The word porch is also fine if you are talking about not being able to build one in violation of Agenda 21.  But the use of these two words, as well as several others, is prohibited in any sentence or phrase subjecting in race.  Mr. Bundy missed that memo.  He may have been occupied with something called “work.”

Getting back now to that despicable rag, once the go-to place for all the news fit to print which has now become all the leftist propaganda that fits in print.  One could forgive Cliven for falling prey to those scoundrels, as once again they edit and manipulate the words of a political enemy to fit their repulsive agenda. But those on our side, the likes of Hannity, Greta and that self-serving Beck, as well as Rand Paul, all of whom know the filthy rules of this game, instantly jump aboard the attack train, shivering in the knowledge and outrage that a white person actually used the words “cotton” and “porch.”

Keeping in mind, these nervous poltroons, the same brilliant sophisticates who for over six years now have failed to recognize Obama for the Constitutionally ineligible, race-baiting Communist he is, have profoundly and assertively pronounced that a hard-working private citizen is a racist dog.

Please review these two links.  The first is the unedited version of what Mr. Bundy said.  While his expertise clearly does not dwell in grammatical prose and for sure does not employ “political two-stepping,” there is not one word of what he says that can be intellectually disputed.

The second is the edited version which, for those not understanding the parameters of the business of journalism and the need to conserve time and print, left out comments which clearly show Mr. Bundy’s concern for the minorities and the harm which has come to them.



Of all those supposedly on our side, the right side, Glenn Beck is by far the most repulsive with his parading around the set of the “Network you are building,” gloating and bubbling with excitement over the demise of Rancher Bundy.  You need to understand here that Mr. Beck believes his audience is made up of a bunch of idiots with attention deficit disorder.  What many may not know is that Glenn had put himself in a very tight pickle last week.

His viewers and his website visitors were outraged and they let him know it.  If you missed it, Glenn in his typical, I’m-so-smart and you’re-so-stupid pomposity, declared that those great Americans who went to the aid of a private citizen being bankrupted by the Federal Government were no better than the Occupy Wall Street vermin.  You remember them. The drug-addicted, slothful, intentionally unemployed New Americans who despise hard work and material goods. Those who whiled away their “occupy” hours raping fellow occupiers and crapping in flower gardens, curbs and on parked cars.

Granting his listeners with all the recollection ability of 4th-stage Alzheimer victims, Glenn could hardly contain his glee as he refocused from denigrating patriots to joining The New York Times in pulverizing a private citizen. Great job, Mr. Beck.

For Glenn’s sake and the many others whose yellow “de-racing stripes” seem to have obscured their ability to comprehend what Cliven said, here it is in plain language.

The Federal Government, which is dominated by lifetime operatives of the Democratic Party, have created a class of people who don’t need to work. Those people, at the detriment of each of their lives and the future of their children, are used by the Democrats as pawns.  The party that fought civil rights, that held a former KKK Senator in the highest of regard, is keeping the black population in a kind of slavery for the purpose of maintaining a voting bloc which keeps the progressives in power and in control.

In his own way, Mr. Bundy charged the Federal Government and its proxy, the Democratic Party, of creating and perpetuating a form of slavery and prideless existence that may well be less gratifying than the time when they worked hard and held core family values, even as they endured the plight of slavery.  Mr. Bundy did not blame black Americans for this.  He placed the blame right where it belongs.  The progressives cannot have that, can they?

If you will recall, Eric Holder, very early on in his tenure of destroying our Constitution, made a statement which infuriated me as well as others. He said, “America is a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race.”

My gosh, Mr. Holder, why do you suppose that is?


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  1. Rancher Bundy was ‘entrapped’, obviously by a racial question asked by some reporter, and of course we never saw the question which was asked.

    But…I’ve heard Bill Cosby and Ben Carson say the same thing he said …the silence was deafening. Reminds you of “it’s payback time”

    Thank you, Mr. Kehoe, for exposing “the double standard of the left.”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The Bundy Facebook page has the entire clip of what Mr. Bundy said.