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by New York State Grassroots Groups

Time to go?

(Apr. 23, 2014) — I mean do you REALLLLLLLY think Cuomo’s Gotta Go?

If you do – it’s time for Civic Duty – to crank it up and make it well known !!!!!!….

Those of you that have followed OUR movement know how the Banner Truck and OUR “Minutemen” have dogged Cuomo from one end of the State to the other. At Indian Lake Cuomo actually closed down a boat race to avoid bad publicity. On his tour of the Seneca Wine Trail he canceled a dinner with his core supporters. For the first time in history the governor did not open the state fair ;-)… From Watkins Glen to White Plains to Buffalo OUR presence has caused Cuomo to cancel and avoid. Cuomo now keeps his schedule secret until 6 hours before an appearance. OUR efforts are having a big effect !!!! AH-HAAA – On April 28 Cuomo is a keynote speaker at a major fund raiser – he can’t cancel – he was unable to keep it secret.


Please spread the word – we want all hands on deck – The Minutemen are coming !!!!!

On Monday April 28 WE are going to nail Cuomo with a protest on Long Island. He is speaking at a major fund raiser and MUST be there. We are donating 200 lawn signs and giving them away (first come – first serve) to people who participate. We want trucks and vehicles surrounding and driving around the event. (We sure can use your vehicle). We have balloons, magnets, signs and Cuomo’s Gotta Go banners. (We need more flags.) We also need lots of people walking on the sidewalks and surrounding the event with signs, balloons (we provide), flags and LOUD voices. BTW – this is Civic Action – it is OUR rightful duty which can NOT and will NOT be denied – the Sheriff has told us so.

How does that sound? Are you up for it?

Please spread the word and get some people with courage to come join US. This could be a major event !!!!!

I will be sending you more details – stay tuned.

Keep fighting

Join us as we ‘welcome’ Governor Cuomo to Long Island …….With LOUD Voices

Cuomo Gotta Go Rally


Look for our flags and signs!

Monday, April 28, 2014 5:15 PM Villa Lombardi’s  877 Main Street, Holbrook, NY

On Monday, April 28th 2014, the Suffolk Democratic Committee will host their Spring Dinner.  Governor Cuomo will be the honored guest.  Others attending will include Rich Schaffer, Steve Bellone and Democratic members of the Suffolk Legislature.

This is our chance to let Cuomo know how we feel about his policies here in NYS.

OUR Mission: Never The End – Always just the beginning until WE Achieve FULL Repeal of the Safe Act…….. Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen – matters not if YOU are for or against what WE term as Tyrannical gun control – it is YOUR Rights WE are Fighting for. Join US in Civic Duty. March with US in OUR quest for FREEDOM and LIBERTY….. Vote ‘em out – Vote ‘em in – in the end it will be up to “We the People.” Think about this; Their power comes from OUR money – BOYCOTT Get connected by email – albel1@aol.com …..”Sign Me Up” !!!!

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