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by OPOVV, ©2014

Does Sen. Harry Reid favor deals with China over the rights of Americans in his state?

(Apr. 14, 2014) — News to WalMart: this “Made in China” doesn’t cut it, and it never did. Ever since “Made in China” came on the scene, American jobs became scarcer and scarcer, which was noticed by every shopper who walked the aisles. The game became “Let’s see if we can find ‘made in the USA’, okay?” but it stopped being funny when Clinton gave “most-favored-nation” trade status to China, which wouldn’t have been so bad if the gesture was reciprocated, which it wasn’t. So China ends up dumping stuff on our shores that we used to make here at home.

Don’t feed your dog food nor treats “made in China.” I suspect that any Muslims who are employed in China work for dog food companies who get their kicks out of reading about Great Satan’s dogs being poisoned to death.

Let’s get on over to Bundy’s cattle ranch in Nevada. Oh, and don’t forget the shelled animals, the tortoises. Reminds me of a story about a little town airport in Florida which wanted to expand over into the adjacent park; the only trouble was, tortoises liked the park, too. “Oh, whatever do we do?” cried the airport people. “Why, we offer a bounty on tortoises, dead or alive, but we make the offer only to a few of the homeless people who hang out at the park. Good idea, no? So the next time the tortoises’ census is taken, the tortoises will have ‘migrated’ to Miami. No tortoises? Imagine that? Now we can expand our airport. Isn’t progress great?”

Back in Nevada it seems that the name “Harry Reid” creeps in along with “tortoises,” “cattle,” and, guess what? China; no kidding. Let’s discuss the problem with this “Reid” fellow. Stay with me, here. It’s my logic vs. “their” logic. My logic says that if a person who was incarcerated illegally breaks out of jail, the only crime committed is that of his being incarcerated illegally in the first place, for if he weren’t framed he shouldn’t have been in jail at all. Now this is “their” logic: so maybe someone shouldn’t have been in jail, mistakes happen, but once in, even though it’s a mistake, he is required to play by the rules. Let’s make it you’re the innocent poor sucker who shouldn’t be in jail. What are you going to do, just sit there or walk away?

So this Harry Reid supposedly got elected as a senator from Nevada.  The only trouble is, his election was rigged. That’s right, Reid didn’t really win the election; his opponent did. So rather than make wrongs right by kicking Harry Reid out (jail sounds good), he’s allowed to stay in the house. Reminds one of the Franken “pull-the-wool-over-the-voters” of Minnesota, does it not?  Franken is also allowed to stay in the senate. Den of thieves.

In the first minute of the first class of “Detective for Beginners,” it states: FOLLOW THE MONEY. How does $5 BILLION sound? Is that enough to grab your attention? Apparently this Chinese-owned solar power company is willing to invest that much in a solar farm where Bundy’s cattle and the tortoises roam. A payoff of just 1% is $50 million. Follow the money. Did a foreign power manipulate one (or more) of our elections? Connect the dots: BLM, Harry Reid, China, 5 times 6 Large ($5 BILLION).


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  1. I posted this comment on a different website for a different article, but it fits very well here, ;-)

    NO, it most definitely is NOT over. The reason “the feds” believe they can do this kind of thing is precisely because they are NOT the original united states federal government. They are a militarized CORPORATION and they behave as such. The American people have been so duped most don’t even know who is running their own country. And I can assure you, it is NOT whom they think it is.

    A major part of the plan for “domesticating” Americans is destroying the infrastructure, including shipping overseas all of our ability to manufacture our everyday needs here on home turf, thereby reducing many, many people to either going on the welfare dole OR going to work FOR the corporation. Most of those who DO go to work for the corporation believe they are working for our traditional federal, state or local government(s), but of-course, they are not. If people would only open their eyes and do some research about all of this, they would see it is true.

    This really started with the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution, back in the civil war era. (However, I believe the united states government was incorporated in 1871 or thereabouts, which, if you think about it, is NOT that long after the end of the civil war.) Look it up. People believe the 14th amendment liberated the slaves and made them “full citizens” when in fact, all it did was enslave EVERYBODY. At least, everybody who was a nobody (and that would be MOST of us.) AND I would hazard to guess that THAT is precisely WHY Lincoln was assassinated. What his role actually was in it, I have no idea, but I’d be willing to bet it was related to that whole “deal.”

    Guess what Dorothy, we are NOT in Kansas A-N-Y—M-O-R-E.

    And on another note, has anybody else out in the rural and small town hinterlands ever noticed how many public transportation buses run nearly empty? Many, many routes with only 2, 3, 5 maybe 10 people AT MOST on them. And some of those buses are LONG banana buses. This is totally bizarre, don’t you think? How can this be? It’s ALL a part of Agenda 21 folks! And if you are not familiar with Agenda 21, better do some research on THAT as well.

    These globalists who run everything live in a TOTALLY different reality from MOST folks!

    I would just add that, yep, all you have to do is follow the money!!

  2. Out of curiosity, I called the DC staff of my senators, who are hiding in Georgia at the moment, not doing town halls. Consider when you call your corruptocrat that the staff is made up of DC libtards and then envision how much of your conversation will actually reach the elected official. So neither was really up to speed on the Bundy Ranch incident. Isakson will “prepare a statement” and my bet is that Chambliss, who has made his pile of graft and quit, will not do or say anything.
    So I talked to the staff person in my Reps DC office and asked what his interest might be. He had no interest because this was not a local issue and so he recommended I contact someone in that “area”. He was not aware that the Bundy Ranch was in Nevada. When I pointed out that it had escalated to a national issue and that Rep. Collins was in fact involved he became testy and that was the end of the conversation.
    High point of the calls that led to a little satisfaction: I had the pleasure of telling Collin’s staff person that I wouldn’t vote for Collins if he paid me to. Not a student of Dale Carnegie!

  3. Listened to two “pieces” on Faux News this morning. They don’t even bother to dance around the Reid/Chini connection! They just ignore it.
    But there are two greater issues not being addressed by the MSM, of course, and not getting good press in the alternative media, unfortunately:
    The United States Constitution does not address or authorize the creation of a Department of the Interior and its sibling the Bureau of Land Management under Art. I, Sec. 8, or elsewhere.
    Paragraph 17 of Art. I, Sec. 8 is the only place in the Constitution that gives the federal government authorization of governance over land, that being the ten mile District where the government conducts its corruption.
    However Amendment X gives the sovereign states rights to their territory to govern and oversee.
    Will Rancher Bundy be dead right in his interpretation of the Constitution or will the folks continue to be vigilant, direct their elected weasels, and effect a return to Constitutional government? Cliven Bundy’s life is literally in the hands of those who support him.

  4. Great editorial, ah yes, that “filthy lucre” will get them every time!
    To quote Divvy Kidd, “we have an Outlaw Congress.”

    1. Hey Sidesaddle, always enjoy reading your comments;
      Simply put, Reid got “elected” to deliver the land for the solar farm (s).
      The ante is 5 BILLION.
      That’s way, way too much money on the table for this to be over, but it would be if the Attorney General did his job, but he won’t, because he’s part of the problem, as is the judicial.
      I’ve heard tell that Bundy went against a court order. “If” the judge was in Harry Reid’s pocket, would that be “justice” served or a “deal-for-money”?
      So much for “justice”, I’d have to say.
      I spent the last four years being a plaintiff against the de facto president Obama represented by Orly Taitz in Federal Courts and look at what I got: NOTHING.
      Obama is still in the process of destroying our country.
      There’s not ONE judge in the United States that has one little teeny-weeny iota of honor, for if one did, LTC Terry Lakin would never have served a day in prison, let alone being arrested in the first place.
      It’s Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi and a slew of others that deserve to put away.
      I’m on the side of the Constitution: there can be none other.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Semper Fi,