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by OPOVV, ©2014

Did they love their country?

(Apr. 1, 2014) — From your first cry to your last sigh, life is filling up the empty time and space between the two. What one does in the time allotted is due to bad luck or circumstances beyond one’s control, for starters, and the ability to discern between fact and fiction to set the course of one’s life, for enders. Some people get with the program of what it is to be a human being, while others march to the beat that renders them as non-thinking drones; just following orders; thinking in step with whatever they’re told.

But it’s easier to do what you’re told; to follow a predetermined program; to make a religion of Fate. The old “Don’t rock the boat” and “Don’t make waves” philosophy; ending up, in your old age, complaining to City Hall about the obnoxiously loud (so you think) bells of the summer ice-cream vender, or feeling sorry for the lazy thieves who find it more profitable to steal (than being rudely awakened by the alarm clock), getting arrested and carted off to jail, harming all of society by getting numbered by “The Man.”

From even before the time of Jesus, governments required a census to understand how to budget the tax collected or, in real terms, how big and well-equipped can the military be? You see, in the real world there are always bad guys who desire to be, well, truly obnoxious, for want of a better word: Genghis Khan had no business in Italy, nor Hitler in Norway.

The father of our country had a bit of sage advice: in times of peace, prepare for war. Now look at America’s military of today: women serving on Navy ships, gays allowed, Muslims, and budget cuts. And they tell us that we didn’t have one aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean when our Ambassador was murdered in Benghazi.

It’s all going downhill for our country. Obamacare ushering in Socialism; the death of the Middle Class; and the end of the 40-hour work week. Dire consequences await the American public: as lemmings, the Obots follow blindly over the social and financial cliffs to their own destruction.

To be a patriot, one must approach the responsibility as if your country is the person you love. There are no rules in love. I once thought that honesty and pride counted, but I was wrong; the only thing that counts is the result. How one accomplishes the desired result is completely immaterial and meaningless. Being a person of your word, having integrity and a concept of chivalry, is all fine and dandy in books, but when it comes down to brass tacks, when the fight for the person or country you love is the difference between have and have not, between life and death, there is room for only one on the podium.

Be sure that the enemy will exploit our weaknesses, and they have, haven’t they? Look at what we have in Congress for examples of the downfall of our country: Harry Reid, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Nancy Pelosi. Throw in Obama, his administration and the mainstream media, and the circle is complete.

Do you love your country, or is it lip service? There very well may come a time when your life will be counted, for some of us again, and what you’ve done in the past doesn’t count: it’s what you will do next that will be meaningful. Remember this: the enemy doesn’t play by any rules, and neither should you. Your RULES OF ENGAGEMENT are this: WIN!

Support your Second Amendment rights.


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