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by Sharon Rondeau

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) has been exposing systemic graft and judicial corruption in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee for more than four years

(Mar. 25, 2014) — 11:32 a.m. EDT – The Post & Email has just learned that a Tennessee Tenth Judicial District prosecutor has filed a motion to rescind the bond for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III stemming from a case arising from Monroe County grand jury selection documents in late 2011.

Fitzpatrick is currently jailed at the McMinn County Justice Center after the former grand jury foreman, Jeff Cunningham, and others leveled accusations last Tuesday for which the grand jury issued indictments.

The DA’s rationale is that Fitzpatrick’s latest arrest violates the terms of the bond issued by Monroe County.  Both counties are part of the Tenth Judicial District, where corruption is deep and pervasive.

As a result of this latest action, donations to Fitzpatrick’s Legal Defense Fund are crucial at this time and can be made by Paypal or check.

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  1. They are running scared and all members of the DNC are rallying to keep the cattle in a tight circle. Their time is coming but since all they are good for is damage and theft, they have done well in that though the money may never be recovered, installing a real legal and experienced leader in America may prove to do wonders. Too many jobs and training areas are missing in America especially with our youth. Many need mentoring and support. When the young people begin to see more and more on U-Tube and other media millions will discover the truth about Obama and the youth will not only be infuriated but will use their media ability to change the popular vote to one of truth and anger for how they have been misled and duped into a trance by the DNC Operatives that are herding them. They want Walt shut down where they think they can control the exposure of their corruption. The more they try to quiet Walt and what they are up to the more their criminal activity is seen by all. Darren Huff is also on the list with Lakin, Butler and others on their lists. There will be a price to pay as the cookies are running low in the jar that they can steal. Exposure may be closer than they think. We all thank Van Irion for helping Walt but it is sad that no other attorneys stepped forward sooner to assist Walt and conservatives in this fight for the Constitution and Freedom and other rights they are trying to take away. Too many Americans don’t realize how close we are to losing America and out freedoms.

  2. It looks like no one in media or government wants to touch this. I sent an email to Bill Haslam asking if he could help Walt and got an answer to hire a lawyer. They are doing everything they can to keep the worms in the can and not open any areas where this corruption and deceit would be revealed as to the entire DNC POTUS sham with Obama as front man puppet to the DNC coup/usurpation planned back in the early 60’s when the son of Malcolm X would rule America posing under many aliases with a mystery background to dupe the public. His mother Elizabeth Ann Newman who had an affair with Malcolm was also a sidekick with Bill Ayers when they bombed the Washinton DC Navy Yard Computer Building in 1969. Obama is illegal as a “dual citizen” and Pelosi and Biden knew that in 2008 when they falsified Obama’s eligibility on the DNC vetting papers to 50 states. High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Murder, Misprision Of Felony, Usurpation.

  3. Let’s all donate generously to Walter’s defense fund. I just dropped $100 for him at fitzpatrickldf.org

    He is an amazing hero and role model for all patriotic Americans, as he puts his life on the line, literally, to attempt expose the rabid jackals of Tennessee 10th Judicial District and bring them to justice.

    Let’s spread the word about the political persecution Walter has endured, and continues to endure out of tremendous love of our country and loyalty to its constitution.

    There ought to be a ballad written for his legendary bravery!

    Thank you, Walter!

  4. My God,This is completely OUT OF CONTROL.Why haven’t the people in that area ,demanded an unbiased special prosecutor, and find out what the hell is going on. THIS IS MADNESS!

  5. One of the provisions of bail (bond) is to stay out of trouble i.e. don’t commit crimes. So Walt has been arrested but not convicted. His Monroe County bond can’t be revoked unless he is convicted of a crime. Innocent until proven guilty. Monroe County is stretching to convict on their bogus charges and now McMinn has come up with charges that can only be described as ludicrous. Attempting to revoke the Monroe County bond is pure retaliation.
    All of this speaks, loudly, to the abject corruption in the 10th District. One would think that they would want to start filling this hole instead of digging it deeper.