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Can there be peace on Planet Earth?

(Mar. 4, 2014) — In a way, each of us is our own planet, going through life in a convoluted and circuitous path to wherever we end up. As such, each of us has certain physical limitations but not necessarily mental limitations, depending. The ‘depending’ part is limited to my sharing with you certain ideas, but not any the idea because, let’s face it, I’m not a genius, at least by your standards. By my standards I agree with you, but we could be wrong. What I’m trying to say is that the limitations we impose upon ourselves can be unlimited; at least some of us like to think so. Others of us don’t seem to think at all, which is why the “proven-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt-that-Socialism-is-a-long-term-failure” still survives as an alternative to desire and work. Go figure. “Long-term” can be defined as a day.

Looking at the whole ball of wax yet another way, the universe is alive and well. The ‘well’ part is a moral label: maybe disease and sickness and those who have limited imaginations are really the norm. Maybe black holes are the cancer of the cosmos, and we think the black holes are ‘bad,’ but, if one could ask a cold virus, for example, “How are things?” it probably would answer that “Business is good.” Maybe this so-called “Dark Matter” is the life force, or soul of the universe, that makes everything work as it does. I don’t know. If I told you that all of the life forces of everything that were and/or will be are at our fingertips, no one would believe me, not even me, but even though I may not believe it doesn’t mean I can’t imagine it. They say the soul has weight, or has something. Maybe that’s what we’re looking for, this “Dark Matter.”

Then again, maybe not. It depends on one’s ability to decipher the facts before us. The fire is hot, and if you put your finger in it, you’ll feel pain. Or, get this:  if you don’t put your finger in the fire, you’ll be just fine. If you drink, don’t drive. Better yet, if you don’t drink at all, then the subject of drinking and driving never comes up: you’ll be just fine, always.

Remember that television commercial of the egg frying in the pan and we’re told, “This is your brain on drugs”? It didn’t say what kind of drug; it didn’t have to. Maybe the drug was beer, lots of beer. I’m part American Indian, and I couldn’t handle rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, or even wine, but I thought beer was okay, that I could maintain on beer. Let me share some info: alcohol is alcohol, and it’ll fry your brain just as marijuana or meth or cocaine, morphine, tranquilizers for gerbils, you name it; it will: a drug is a drug is a drug, and the brain fries.

We were discussing imagination. The Bible is a blueprint on how not to mess up your life. There is story after story of greed and infidelity, of stealing, lying, cheating, murder, rape, torture: this is what happens to you if you do this, so don’t be surprised if you lie and get caught; you’ll pay. Don’t you just love it when someone is caught doing wrong and he says, “Oh, just look how sorry I am. I am so sorry.” NOT! They sure weren’t sorry while they were lying to us, and the only reason why they say how sorry they are now, or pretend they are, is they got caught; otherwise, they’d still be doing whatever wrong they were doing in the first place and loving every minute of it.

The people who inhabit the planet called “Earth” already have the answer, but not all even know of its existence. Too bad for the rest of us. Is the concept of “PEACE” an intellectual exercise, or can the song “Silent Night,” ever become the reality that the whole word can share?

Time will tell, and time is running out. Oh, and the answer to “Limited Perception?” The GOLDEN RULE trumps all. That’s it: treat others as you, too, would wish to be treated, honestly and fairly. Many people on our planet have never been exposed to even the idea of the Golden Rule, believe it or not, which is why Jesus Christ is such a threat to those who would preach hate and murder.

But, at the same time, while preaching the Golden Rule, keep your powder dry, capice?

Semper Fi


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