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GOOGLE TAKES DOWN #1 “BIRTHER” SITE, BirtherReport.com, ALLEGING VIOLATIONS OF TOS – Puts Up Instead Warnings Claiming it is An Attack Site and/or a Malware/Badware Infected Site. Cuts off AdSense Advertising Revenue Generating Privileges!  The site has been operating for years. Warning that the site is an Attack site and infected with Malware or Badware are all untrue per the site owner.

by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret.), ©2014, blogging at CDRKerchner

(Feb. 8, 2014) — Is it time to take action against the internet giants who have been in the tank protecting Obama? We are living in an Orwellian situation like what was described the novel 1984.  We know that Obama is using the government agencies such as the IRS to attack, harass, and stall conservatives and constitutionalists free political speech.  Now it is increasingly obvious to me that certain internet giants whose top executives favor Obama and his policies are apparently doing Obama’s bidding too.  Giant businesses and government working hand and hand to suppress liberty and freedom is the very essence of Fascism.   What has just occurred with BirtherReport.com has been seen by me happening since the early fall of 2008.  Since Oct 2008 I have seen numerous sites using the Google Blogger platform to post information unfavorable to Obama taken down by Google with allegations of violations of TOS but sites favorable to Obama are left alone.  And from what I hear, when the owner tries to find out what the exact specific problem is they are told to read the TOS and it is all explained therein.  And when the rug is pulled out by Google it is usually seems to be done with no prior warning or notice to the owner to try and fix or dispute what the Google thinks the specific TOS violation is.  Meanwhile the site loses readership and/or if using Google’s AdSense, it loses revenues. Freedom of political speech is stifled while the owner tries to figure out exactly what the issue is, if they can at all. The site of Attorney Donofrio is one early example. I believe Pamella Geller was another victim. There are many more. The question of selective and arbitrary enforcement of the TOS comes to mind.  It seems likely that if someone wants a site taken down they can rationalize just about anything as a reason under the banner of alleged violation of TOS.  In addition to blog take downs,  I have seen how imo Google has manipulated their search engine algorithms to favor sites favorable to Obama on various search terms such as “natural born Citizen” and to make a site not favorable to Obama end up in the Goggle cellar of search results.  With the re-election of Obama that search engine seems to have been tweaked again to not be so obvious.  But I believe it still goes on.  In my opinion it is time for an attorney like Atty Larry Klayman to put together a class action suit for the victims of what I believe and what looks to me as Google’s one-sided political speech suppression activities against conservatives and constitutionalists since shortly after Obama won the DNC nomination back in 2008.  It is time imo to get Google’s attention in the only place that they pay attention.  In their wallet.  I also think and suggest that an attorney like Atty Klayman could also bring an action on behalf of a subset of Google’s stockholders of which many do not favor Obama, I am sure, and who do not appreciate Google management utilizing Google’s vast internet power to favor one political side or another, which is what I believe has been going on over the last almost 6 years.  If Google is misusing the corporate assets and its public trust behind the scenes to help attack Obama’s enemies, that is grounds for a stockholder’s class action suit too in my opinion.  I think it is time for someone with the tools to do an investigation and survey of the conservative and constitutionalists ranks to evaluate Google’s activities over the last 5 1/2 years and if need be take legal action to see what is going on and why it seems all these conservative and constitutionalists users of Google internet tools and services seem to get the welcome mat pulled out from under them by Google.  All JMHO.  CDR Kerchner (Ret)

I have spoken today with the owner of the BirtherReport.com and he tells me to tell my readers to bookmark that URL and that the site should be back up in a couple days on another venue.  He asks you to be patient.   Also if you can, please do consider making a donation to help him make the transition to new servers:  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GRAHHMX2CF24J

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