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by OPOVV, ©2013

The National Socialist Party in Germany under Adolf Hitler burned Jewish-owned businesses, committed politically-motivated killings, and indoctrinated the nation’s youth to be loyal to the Fuhrer

(Dec. 15, 2013) — Voices in the wind; mere shadows; gnats; inconsequential; of no account; why bother, no one heeds these words anyway; wasted effort; waste of time, and time is running out.

Today’s definition of a “cell phone:” government tracking device.

If LTC Terry Lakin’s conviction to see the de facto president Obama’s Birth Certificate didn’t get any mention in the mainstream media, why would the White House’s release of a fraudulent Birth Certificate while Lakin was serving his sentence fare any better? It didn’t.

Besides continuing membership in the “Islam Admiration Society” (the UN), the USA has allowed many terrorist groups to operate with impunity within our borders, namely, the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R.

And if that weren’t enough, within the borders of the US there are enclaves, pockets of Muslim communities that are guarded to keep the prying eyes of Infidels out; to keep us from witnessing the training of a Muslim guerrilla army, an army that is just waiting for the call from the White House to attack key electrical and transportation hubs, to render our communication systems worthless: no internet.

They own the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the head of our military) and are in step with the Federal Reserve Bank; they call the shots at the DNC and the RNC; they’ve owned the judiciary since Chief Justice Roberts swore in an ineligible/illegal/felon as our president; they’ve made Congress and every Election Board in our country worthless entities, people getting paid to do nothing; and they’ve managed to alienate our allies and bring our enemies closer.

Since the time of Obama, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes, and health insurance. Our economy has been on a one-way trip to the bottom, thanks to the doubling of the cost of a gallon of gas, which directly translates in the cost of everything else skyrocketing. The truth, just as the word “inflation,” will never emerge from this administration.

Another truth that we’ll never know the extent of is the influence of an Iranian-born presidential “advisor,” Valerie Jarrett, and of the visits of people who we know are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It looks as if our Congress is just going to cave in and accept the illegal immigrants as, somehow, admirable future citizens; keep paying the “National Fleece” (National Debt) to a bunch of greedy private bankers; and ignore the fact that Islam is at war with Western Civilization. Notwithstanding our troops getting killed and maimed in the Middle East, our foreign policy has been one colossal failure, thanks, no doubt, to the traitorous actions (Benghazi  – 4 dead) of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and our overall foreign policy as a whole: paying Muslim countries as a form of “protection payoffs.”

My advice remains that all Patriots be armed. All women must have a gun in their purse, even if it’s a .22 revolver. We must stay tuned and protect each other from the abuses that the government is imposing on us, starting with Obamacare: a one-way road to Socialism, the end of America. The “Plan?” Simple: just the way in which the Nazi Party took over Germany in the 1930’s, this administration has been following page by page.


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