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by Cody Robert Judy, ©2013, blogging at CodyJudy

(Nov. 29, 2013) — As Thanksgiving approaches, I begin to think about all of the many things I am grateful for. I’m patting the back of my sleeping son thinking about the men on the battlefield in our Revolutionary War. Fighting for ideas, principles, and standards that were Revolutionary that were yet to be penned in the United States Constitution, they died on the battlefield, I’m sure, wishing they were home with their wives, children, brothers, sisters, mom and dad.

The sacrifices they made were ultimately for the love of their families in the future. It had to be, or their sacrifices, and the United States, for that matter, were indeed a lost cause. How could they know or have an inkling of an idea that they were fighting for what would become the great world power on the backs of their valiant efforts?

That war ended, but in a way it never has ended. Since the birth of the United States of America, a constant barrage of hatred, scheming, back-stabbing assaults and fights have come to be known as American history included in both our foreign and domestic affairs.

Our standards burn bright, but there never seems a lack of individuals who are willing to cast aside those standards of law both from within and without. In 1779 the Revolutionary war had just finished and President George Washington called for a day of Thanksgiving. It wasn’t supposed to be an annual thing, nor was it until 1863, Nov 26th, in a speech given by Abraham Lincoln in which he invited and declared that the last Thursday would be considered an annual Thanksgiving. Roosevelt changed in 1939 the day to the 3rd Thursday hoping to stimulate the economy with more shopping days between Christmas, but in 1941 the effort was declared a bust.

The birth of our nation was forged in gratitude for just a “chance,” an “ un-compelled opportunity” that was not insured, and those Birthers were around to take a stand against tyranny; against the dictates of a king, against taxation without representation, and certainly against the state sponsor of any particularly named religion. The broad strokes of an American standard were indeed not polished at first light but over time they have shined throughout the entire world.

We the families of those fighting in the Revolutionary War have lived to reap the reward of those who had their last meal in the trenches of war amid the meagerness of food, clothing and bedding. I cannot stand not to be grateful for their Herculeam courage and sacrifices.

The fronts have shifted a bit, but there are those who indeed say one thing and do quite another, and the one that comes to my mind right now is this one:  “You can keep your insurance” while millions have received cancellation notices. It’s estimated by next year over 160 million will have their insurance canceled in one form or another, and it’s all due to a short two-year period when Democrats ruled all three branches of government from 2008 to 2010.

Withstanding any form of negotiation from Republicans, the Usurping Administration grabbed hold of power and decided to abuse it in removing freedom and employing force, in removing choice and employing the lash, in standing for mandates yet ignoring the standards of the Constitution.

We Birthers declare Obamacare is a compromised constitutional act without the signature of a President.

The Birthers founded this Nation and it is the Birthers who continue to protect this Nation. When you hear the media rail against the Birthers, don’t picture them calling Cody Robert Judy the most insulting names of ridicule they can conceive; picture them calling those signers of the United States Constitution and those who have died on the battlefields “criminals” and “extremists.”

To all this fuss about losing your health insurance, the Birthers are just shaking their heads and telling them, “I told ya so,” and yet the Mainstream Media still won’t acknowledge the actual qualifications of the Office of the President declared and mandated in the United States Constitution as the law. They hear Barack Obama say “We are a Nation of Laws,” but they deny the very principles and standards that have brought them so many blessings.

The natural born citizen qualification clause that is still the Constitutional law; that is still the principle of protection in the United States of America declaring a full two-generation separation between foreign states and the United States Office of the President, declares the signature of Barack Obama a fraud upon the law.

Obamacare is unsealed, unlawful, and is not the standard by which we as Citizens of America have lived. We didn’t give the power to our Government Leaders to usurp the Constitution – We gave the power to protect and defend and preserve it.

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  1. “Constitutional Law” ??? Get serious. Republicans vs. Democrats ??? Get serious. Birds of a feather flock together. There is absolutely no hope left for America – we have forsaken the Almighty God of the universe, SO … He has forsaken us.