Erik Rush Discusses “Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood”


by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 18, 2013) — Just before 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, radio show host Erik Rush announced that he will have a Middle Eastern guest with information about “Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Guest Cynthia Farahat will be sharing first-hand information with Rush on his new show, “FULL-CONTACT with Erik Rush,” within moments as of this writing.

Egyptian officials and media have stated over the last month that Obama’s half-brother, Malik, is the financier of The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which claims to be political but believes in achieving its goals through violence.

Egypt has been in turmoil since the deposing of Mohamed Morsi, who the Obama regime supported.  Morsi is a member of The Muslim Brotherhood and was the candidate of its Peace and Freedom Party when he won the presidential election in June 2012.

Morsi abused his power and was removed from power on July 3.

At 12:08 p.m., Rush introduced Ms. Farahat, who has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives and co-authored books.  She is also a writer for National Review, the Middle East Forum, and FrontPageMag and has been published at Fox News.

Rush said that Farahat sought and was granted political asylum in the U.S. two years ago.

Farahat said that she has seen “dictatorship” first-hand in Egypt.

Rush asked her about “what things were like” before the Arab Spring movement in Egypt.  He acknowledged that under Mubarak, it was not a democracy.

Farahat said that growing up under the Mubarak regime was similar to the Soviet Union.  She said she came from a Christian family and had “no legal rights” in Egypt.  “We were not recognized by the state as citizens,” she said.  In the hierarchy, Christian females were considered “fourth” after Muslim males, females, and then Christian males.

“We were almost considered war booty,” Farahat said, who said she was inspired to become an activist by the U.S. Constitution.  She told of how she kept a copy of the Constitution, her writings and her Bible under her bed as a child.  Her mother was “terrified” of others in Egyptian society.  “No one could say anything against the government…it was against the rule to sit in a room and discuss politics,” she said.  “We were told that government would be allowed to break into our home and take us away,” she told Rush.

Farahat said that the U.S. was considered a “safe haven” for persecuted Christians and others in the world.

Rush asked how Egyptian Christians viewed U.S.-Egyptian relations given the “dismal” situation for Christians in Egypt.

Farahat responded that Egyptians were disappointed with that relationship and were constantly feeling “a little bit of betrayal.”  She said their plight improved under Bush, although there were “mistakes” made.  Farahat said that while Bush was in office, some of her writings were published as a result of less fear of the government.

She described Egypt as an Islamic theocracy.

Farahat said that after Obama’s election, she knew that things “would never be the same.”

Rush responded that he had been aware that Obama would be “trouble” once he sought the presidential nomination in 2008.

What sort of government would you say that the average Egyptians would like to see in Egypt? he asked Farahat, who replied that they would want a government that is “not Sharia-compliant.”  She said that demonstrations carried out at the end of June were to show opposition to Sharia law and “Islamic tyranny.”

In the next segment beginning at approximately 12:23 p.m. EDT, Rush will be asking Farahat about Obama’s Middle East policy.

When Rush returned from the break, he reintroduced Cynthia Farahat, who he described as “an amazing lady.”  Farahat has resided in the U.S. since 2011, Rush said.

Rush said that he tried to publicize Obama’s “relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood” which goes “way beyond” just a sympathy for Islam.

Farahat said that she believes that Obama “announced” a “significant affiliation” when Obama hired a woman to work in his regime.  She said that an article appeared about the hire on The Muslim Brotherhood’s website, then it disappeared.

Farahat said that another Obama hire, a “self-declared member of The Muslim Brotherhood,” is working at the Department of Homeland Security as a “senior fellow.”  She questioned how the person could have obtained a security clearance given his affiliation with the Brotherhood, which she described as “an international terrorist organization.”

Rush said that Islam might be considered “just another minority religion” by most Americans, to which Farahat confirmed that the MB intends to “destroy the United States of America” as evidenced by “50 or 60 declarations” over several years.

Rush stated that he believes that Obama’s “ethnicity” has protected him from criticism.  “If we’re going to turn back the clock in terms of getting these kinds of dangerous people out of government, it’s going to have to be when Obama is no longer president…” Rush said.  He contended it would be “very difficult” to do while Obama is still in office.

Rush promised to ask Farahat after the next break how Obama’s worldview has dictated his actions toward the Middle East and Syria, in particular.

Upon his return, Rush reannounced Farahat and asked her “what Obama’s relationship with The Muslim Brotherhood means in terms of his foreign policy in the Middle East…and the way things are developing in Syria…”

Farahat responded that she believes that Obama has made a declaration that he will support Al Qaeda by waiving a federal law which would have prevented it, on which The Post & Email reported on Tuesday.  She said that “the vast majority” of fights working with the rebels are foreign “terrorists.”  She believes that Obama wants to “install the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria” and is not working on behalf of the best interests of America.

Rush said that Obama is assisting people who are set on “destroying us,” to which Farahat responded that onlookers are “shocked” at Obama’s behavior.  She referred to the signs which Egyptian protesters carried during the summer protests which said that Obama was supporting terrorists.

Farahat said that terrorism in Syria has been supported by Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries.  She said that Obama “had a chance to support the good guys” but did not.  “I highly suspect no one would know who used the chemical weapons,” she said, referring to the August 21 incident in which sarin gas was reportedly used to kill civilians.

Rush asked if Obama is “under pressure to deliver” to The Muslim Brotherhood, to which Farahat responded that Obama’s relationship with the MB is “very, very strange.”  She said that she has seen a video of terrorists approaching the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, when four Americans were killed wherein militants said, “Don’t shoot; Morsi sent us,” which has been verified by Walid Shoebat, to which Farahat referred.

She said that the video is “all over” Arabic media.  She then referred to a member of the MB who is now imprisoned in Egypt who said that he has incriminating evidence about Obama which would “send him to prison.”  Farahat called upon the mainstream media to investigate the claim.

Rush commented that most Americans do not understand the “concept of jihad” which is “much bigger than Obama.”

At 12:49 p.m., Rush asked Farahat if she thought Obama perceives a threat from The Muslim Brotherhood politically, to which she said, “I think that might be the case…’If they did it for you, they might do it to you…'”

She said that if the headquarters of the MB are dismantled in Egypt, it will affect the group’s ability to operate throughout the rest of the world.  The Egyptian interim government is currently arresting members of the MB.  Farahat said that the MB is the most significant terror group worldwide and that Obama is “backing it up.”  She said what Obama is doing was never envisioned in “the most frightening scenario.”

Egypt is now banning Islamic charities.  “We closed down 50,000 mosques…and they banned all Islamic TV shows” because they were perceived as inciting people to violence, she said.

Farahat said she has “never seen something like this happen,” referring to Obama’s foreign policy.  “A lot of the protests against the persecution of Christians in Egypt…in front of the White House I went to protest with Muslims against…Obama’s foreign policy,” she said.

Rush said that “the establishment press” is not covering Obama’s favorable actions toward The Muslim Brotherhood.

At 12:56, Rush proposed that whether or not Obama is “a card-carrying member of the MB” does not matter, with which Farahat agreed.

She raised the matter of Malik Obama and confirmed that Egypt is considering placing him “on the [terror watch] list” for his activities with the MB.

Malik’s “charity” received non-profit approval in about 30 days from IRS Director Lois Lerner, and Rush asked where the funds were being donated.

Rush asked Farahat what “one thing” she would say to the audience about threats from the MB, to which she said, that people should “speak up.  The more people who speak up, the less dangerous it’s going to be…use the freedom you still have while you’ve got it.”

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  1. RoseC   Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    Yes, I heard the whole broadcast. Cynthia is right. Speak up.

    Our truckers of America are going to DC in Oct to protest criminals. We need to back them up.

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