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Obama is pushing Congress to approve a military strike in Syria against the regime of Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons against his own people, but no incontrovertible proof has been offered of the claim against Assad

(Sep. 9, 2013) — Look at Syria this way:

Before the so called “Civil War,” no Christians were being killed. Not one priest had been taken out to a field and beheaded.

Not one.

Since this so-called “Civil War,” Christians are being murdered, churches destroyed, priests beheaded.

Which side do you think the MUSLIM de facto president Obama is backing?

Israel is in the process of being surrounded by truly evil forces, people who think killing a female for opening the front door of her home because she did so without a male present is considered normal, people who have no qualms about burying their daughter alive just for looking at a boy is somehow in the interest of the family’s warped sense of “honor,” and people who, beside wanting to wipe Israel off the map, also want the flag of Islam flying over the White House and the US Capitol.

So let’s say Obama sends a B2 Stealth Bomber over to Syria and it gets shot down, what then? Do more flight crews just go along and follow orders, blindly, just because they’ve a traitor as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordering them to?

What if they laid the bombs on another target of opportunity, now wouldn’t that be something?

Syria, here we go again, confusing the issue beyond any hope of ever setting it right. What’s the end game, the “Shah of Syria” with a Savak-like death squad?

The Muslim Brotherhood is arm-in-arm with al-Qaeda. We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, and the Egyptian press reports that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; no wonder Obama and his Administration are on the side of the “rebels” in Syria. The question is, are we able to foresee our future by what transpires in Syria?


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