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by Sharon Rondeau

Barack Hussein Obama claims that he comes from a Kenyan family, many of whom were or are practicing Muslims. He celebrates Iftar dinners, acknowledges the Muslim high holidays, and appears to favor The Muslim Brotherhood over the opposition in Egypt

(Aug. 18, 2013) — On Saturday, August 17, a caller from the Republican National Committee (RNC) contacted The Post & Email asking for a donation.  While we politely declined, stating that we are registered Independents, we took the opportunity to ask the caller why the Republican Party will not act on the issue of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image purported to be Obama’s which has been displayed on the White House website for more than two years.

The caller, who was a female, appeared surprised at the revelation that the image was a forgery.  “I’ve never heard that,” she told us.  We then informed her that the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse has been investigating the matter for nearly two years and declared the image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

However, when we told her that the posse has said that there is no evidence that Obama is even a U.S citizen, let alone “natural born” as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution to serve as president, she said, “It’s no secret.  He’s a foreigner; he’s a Muslim.”

We then asked why, if the Republicans are aware that a possible foreign national is usurping the office of the president and commander-in-chief, they refuse to act.  The caller replied, “They know, they know.  But they’re afraid of losing their jobs.”

We responded that most people in America do not have jobs because of the abysmal economy and facing home foreclosure after having lost virtually all of their income.  The caller then stated that she believes that Obama is purposely destroying the U.S. economy.

We then related to her the story of former Rep. Allen West, who, after having seen the Cold Case Posse’s evidence of fraud and forgery of the birth certificate at CPAC in March, refused to assist in bringing the crime to the attention of the American people because of his “future political aspirations.”  We asked whether or not the Republicans have the “courage” to stand up and demand accountability from Obama and those who propelled him into power, ignoring the constitutional requirements for the highest office in the land and the crimes which were committed.

She again acknowledged that “they know” but could not say why the Republicans will not act.  Her response then was, “Well, we can’t have more years of liberal leadership.”

West has since called Obama “a usurper and charlatan.”

The Post & Email stated that to be fair, three Republican congressmen appear to have acknowledged that the forgery calls for further probing:  Reps. Ted Yoho, Steve Stockman, and Lou Barletta, to which she responded, “Oh, that’s good.”

We spent a total of 11 minutes on the call, at which time the telemarketer said she feared she would “get in trouble” for the lengthy conversation.  She again solicited us for a donation, which we declined to give.  “We would be happy to support you if the Republicans would do something about the forgery,” we told her.

We wished her a pleasant evening and thanked her for her time, to which she responded that she was “intrigued” by what we had told her about the Cold Case Posse investigation.  We repeated the name of the posse’s website and that of The Post & Email, which has been one of the few media outlets to have investigated and reported on the Obama eligibility/identity issue.

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  1. Exactly the same conversation with the RNC callers that many readers have had. The feigned “first time they have heard about it” is a reason why the Republican Party will someday split into two just as the Democratic Party is suffering from schizophrenia.

    The RNC ought really to be ASHAMED of itself. Instead of an Elephant it might as well adopt the OSTRICH as its symbol, while the Democrats could adopt an alligator which rushes out of the water to devour the Constitution.

  2. Hillary is spreading hate that all people below the Mason Dixon line are bad. Prejudice is everywhere in any country and no matter where you go you will find it. We are dealing with Democrats that are like prison people that will do anything to get what they want. If the “Minorities” don’t like America, go back to where you came from. If you are just wanting material things, you are no better than the corrupted leaders that run the countries you came from. In America, we need to remove corrupted Democrats that are destroying America in a faux POTUS, money grab that is going nowhere. Having Black Muslim and Communists in charge is not what America is all about.

  3. I don’t know how you have the patience to listen to some of this BS from people claiming “not to know” or being “surprised” and/or “startled” at these “revelations”. In this case the Caller indicated she knew he (Obama) was a foreigner (and so did the rest of the RNC) but they were unwilling (for fear of losing their job) to do anything about these Constitutional violations of the highest order – It seems they care more about their jobs than about their Country and their freedoms.

    This acknowledgement by an RNC member is absolutely disgusting to me (and I didn’t even have to listen to it first hand).

    These Congressional cowards (in both parties) should hang their heads in shame and we should throw them all out on their ear at the next fair election (if their ever is another one). I’m afraid we may have lost our Republic for lack of vigilance. We may not ever be able to restore it.

  4. All I can conclude is that Everybody who matters and can do something about it are in fear of something. I assume that Obama’s thugs have put the fear of the Devil into all of those people on the “Inside” So, instead of telling us the truth, they all (except 3) lie to us and try to sweep it under the rug. Only possibly three people have a spine. We need to convince more to stand up. I suspect they have been threatened with a civil war and or threats against their families if they pursue the issue. I don’t think even a civil war could be worse than what we are enduring right now which is the total destruction of America. Well, who knows, perhaps they have been threatened with a nuclear attack on our own soil by those in control. Nothing would surprise me from this Marxist Regime. They are evil enough to do the unthinkable.

  5. Ignorance is bliss … it must be … she “never heard that”? Where the hell are these people keeping their heads? Republicans want your money but won’t do a damn thing to earn it. Thank you for not donating. They are no different from Democrats. The party labels mean absolutely nothing any more.