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by OPOVV, ©2013

What is “Stars and Stripes” publishing today?

(Aug. 10, 2013) — Let’s see if I’ve got this right. We’ve a Muslim Brotherhood in the White House (that would be Valerie Jarrett), no one has been prosecuted for the Iraq “Oil for Food” royal scam, the “stimulus” money has been paid out in the form of bribes and kickbacks, our so-called elected politicians have collectively turned their backs on the Oath they took and remain silent about the Constitutional ineligibility of Obama while we’re wasting time being concerned with a pro-football AAA team college kid making money off his notoriety from winning the Heisman Trophy.

Do I have that right? Yeah, I do. So how about the lowest segment of our population, lower than the illegal immigrants, being used to further the expansion of Communism, being exploited, used to destroy their only hope of salvation, shooting themselves in the foot, trashing the world’s document that guarantees their Freedom? It used to be the people were the government, but nowadays the government is at war with the people.  One particular segment of the population has been under-educated on purpose, targeted as somehow different from other citizens of our country because of the shade of their epidermis.  So they’ve been, unbeknownst to them, recruited into the ranks of the government to act as pawns, ready to be sacrificed as soon as their usefulness ends. Their government paycheck (bribe) comes disguised as a welfare payment, Food Stamps, subsidized housing, and additional bribes such as promoting affirmative action, which does nothing whatsoever in improving the general population.  On the contrary, it lowers the standards for all, thus forcing America one step closer to Third World Country status.

We see years of a misguided foreign policy reaching its culmination in the world today. China we treat as partners rather than the adversary it is, just as long as the money keeps flowing. It’s flowing down a one-way street, and the only time our dollars come back to our shores is in the form of payoffs to politicians or industry executives. That’s right, give the suits the money while the Patriots fight in the trenches, from carpenters living their lives stabilizing the Constitution and shoring up the Republic, even while it’s being sold out from under their feet.

Years ago I came across an ex-sweetheart and she told me she now had higher standards, that she dated only men who wore suits. Her stepfather was one of the most honorable men I’ve ever had the fortune to know. A few months ago I decided that I’d better get in touch with him to see how he was doing, and I learned that he had died, that I forever lost my chance to tell him that I loved and admired him. This man was a true World War II hero, an equal to Audie Murphy. He is the man I wish I could be, yet he was a “lowly” milkman and never wore a suit to work.

What’s happened to us? What’s happened to America? Here’s this girl, raised by the best of the very best, the best our great country has to offer, and she’s looking at the cover of the book, the veneer, the surface, the “line,” the appearance of worth over a deep-rooted appreciation for family and country.

Just like our troops, all lined up in neat rows, and here comes “The Suit” (Obama) and they stand a little straighter, a little taller, and crisp hand salute. What about the memory of the World War II Army Sergeant who clawed his way through Africa and Italy, who was the mother hen to his Company, who got the job done? Who must’ve had a nightmare now and then; I don’t know, I never asked. I wish I had; it might’ve helped me.  Maybe we could‘ve helped each other. He took the Oath as I, the same Oath of today’s troops, but his Oath was meaningful.

So here’s the question, here’s the point, here’s the end of this editorial. I ask you, in all sincerity, if we could somehow bring back our Sergeant from VE Day, wearing his full dress uniform, and he knows everything about what’s happened to our country from 1945 until today’s date, everything about the illegal elections, about the fake birth certificates, the IRS and the NSA, about Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious, and place him at the bottom step of Air Force One, what do you think the chances are that our loved Sergeant would salute the usurper as he came down those steps?

So if he wouldn’t salute the de facto president, how come today’s troops do?


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  1. I remember a few years back when a few Marines refused to salute Bill Clinton – they were replaced by others who felt it was an honor to salute him. So much for “Semper Fi” … how about being faithful to your 58,479 brothers and sisters who never came home from VietNam?
    And to the uncountable millions more who gave their all for a lie?
    And those who continue to do so? for a TRAITOR-in-chief?