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by OPOVV, ©2013

Poppy seeds are the source of morphine, which is used to make the illegal drug heroin, which is produced in significant amounts in Afghanistan

(Jul. 28, 2013) — Ever wonder how wars start? Well, first off, you have to have two sides that are evenly matched, I mean, you can’t drop a bunch of Marines on a tribal village in the Amazon, wipe them out and call it a Great War Victory for America; that wouldn’t do. And then you have to have casualties that you can point at and say how terrible it all is. Photographs are good, film better, and color film with sound very good if you want to get support and maybe play the “Revenge Card.”

The best, though, is to parade the wounded, and the fewer limbs, the more of a positive shock value, like “We’re really doing good because, just look for yourself how bad our troops are getting maimed and killed.”

But to have a war you have to have weapons. I always supported loin cloths and that’s it. No sticks, stones, slings, bows and arrows, guns, napalm, or 155mm howitzers, Phantom jets, Agent Orange. Hey, I was out-voted, so what we have is a finite number of arm manufacturers in the world supplying all the wars. The greatest-ever example was during the Iran-Iraq conflict where both sides bought weapons from the salesmen. Keep it even, fellows, so as to prolong the profits (carnage) for as long as possible. The world loved it, not only for the money it made a lot of people, but also for the fact that Muslims were dying.

The Truth? Ever wonder why, whenever there’s a war or conflict brewing, starting, going, Muslims are, in some way, involved? Do you wonder how much money from American illegal drug money makes it to the Muslim Brotherhood so they can buy weapons for their buddies, to go to flight school and fly planes into buildings, for example?  You see, Jihad doesn’t have to be financed solely by petrol dollars. Muslims are perpetually in wars because of their stupidity and ignorance, which is why we’ve been bogged down in Islamic countries for over a decade: we’re (ALSO) the stupid ones now.  If anyone ever needed proof how low we’ve sunk, just take a look at our three branches of government and at our Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Today’s Joint Chiefs of Staff are made up of cowards and traitors, and if you don’t believe me just read up on the kangaroo Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin. But this editorial isn’t about what happened in the past; it’s about what’s happening right now. Remember when I said that today’s wars are to be prolonged so as to maximize profits? Read on.

Here’s the picture: we have a war on, and a battle is about to start with one side made up of heterosexual men and the other side made up of a combination of hetro-homo-males and hetro-homo-females. So this one rear-echelon General (who has plenty of stock in a few weapon manufacturers) calls his counterpart on the other side (who has been entraining after retirement employment in an arms firm) about the absurdity of the upcoming engagement.  What’s the point when one side will end up like that Amazon tribe?

Don’t believe me? I do not jest about real-world insanity; check out our United States Marines’ latest stupidity, guided by total and complete ignorance, by, no doubt, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I’m too upset to write about this anymore except to say that the only reason our troops are in any Islamic country is to be the targets in a shooting gallery. Let the Iraqis kill one another and let the Afghans find someone else to protect their poppy.


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