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by Sharon Rondeau

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa told CNN on Sunday that private interviews conducted with IRS employees about the targeting of “conservative” groups applying for tax-exempt status was reportedly ordered by IRS officials in Washington, DC

(Jun. 2013) — On CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley this morning, Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, discussed the unfolding revelations of the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of “conservative,” Tea Party, “patriot” and pro-life groups for extra scrutiny and harassment beginning early in 2010.

Private interviews with IRS employees have been conducted with members of the House Ways & Means and Oversight Committees which reportedly included “Republicans and Democrats.”

Crowley affirmed with Issa that one of those interviewed told the committee members, “We followed directions based on other people telling us what to do,” identifying Washington, DC as the source of the orders to delay approving tax-exempt status of groups considered oppositional to the Obama regime.

Crowley asked Issa if the employees’ actions could be defended because some of their responses were “totally not definitive.”

Issa responded that if the IRS employees in outlying offices knew that what they were being asked to do was against the law, they should have “become whistleblowers.”  Issa called IRS supervisor Lois Lerner, now on paid suspension from her position, as “the administration’s paid liar” and referred to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney as changing his story for the sake of “convenience.”

Issa said that the entire transcripts of the interviews will be released in the near future.

The regime’s silencing of opposition groups is said to have had an impact on the 2012 election in which Obama was allegedly re-elected for another four-year term.

The Obama regime has been exposed as having targeted “veterans” for alleged propensity for joining “extremist” groups. In 2011, The Post & Email broke national news when it revealed the “Sovereign Citizen” training program used with law enforcers in Tennessee which personally targeted Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, both U.S. Navy veterans.

On April 20, 2010, Huff had traveled to Madisonville, TN to attend a court hearing for Fitzpatrick, during which more than 100 federal, state and local officers were deployed to allegedly stop a “courthouse takeover” which was not planned and never occurred.

The Sovereign Citizen program contained a section for “birthers,” which purportedly referred to those questioning the birthplace, birth narrative, and constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as president.  Obama’s eligibility had been questioned as early as 2007 when MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews stated on air that Obama was “born in Indonesia.”  Other reports declared his birthplace as Kenya, while Obama claimed he was born in Hawaii.  His claim of a foreign-citizen father also threw his eligibility into doubt.

In April 2011, the White House released an image which it said was a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, allegedly proving his birth in Hawaii.  However, the image was quickly declared a forgery and confirmed by a law enforcement investigation to be a “computer-generated forgery” in March of last year.  Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has been working to expose the crime at the federal level and reportedly achieved a breakthrough at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’ Association conference on Friday and Saturday.

In October 2011, Huff was convicted on one federal firearms violation after a hung jury was told by the judge to “try again.”  No eyewitnesses were called in his defense, and corrupt Tennessee officials perjured themselves on the witness stand.  Huff is serving a four-year sentence for a crime he did not commit, which George Orwell, author of 1984, would have deemed a “thought crime.”

Fitzpatrick had filed a complaint of treason against Obama on March 17, 2009.  His military pension was garnished by two-thirds in February 2012 without an explanation or any communication from the IRS.  A member of The Fogbow, which has actively worked to disseminate false information against Huff, Fitzpatrick, and others seeking the truth about Obama, works for the IRS and admitted receiving a call from Fitzpatrick several months ago at her government office.

The Post & Email exclusively reported that The Fogbow included, at least in 2010, a member who identified himself as “a White House attorney.”

The U.S. Department of Justice has targeted journalists by issuing subpoenas for their phone records without notifying the companies for which they worked first.  Several mainstream reporters came forward beginning in February of this year to report abuse and intimidation from the Obama regime.

Journalists who have reported on the Obama eligibility and identity question have received death threats and verbal abuse as well as had their phone lines wiretapped.

The Obama Justice Department has established a campaign to promote Islam as a peaceful group of individuals who wish Americans no harm.  U.S. Attorney William C. Killian, who celebrated Huff’s sentencing on his government website as a “militia extremist,” was the keynote speaker at the opening of an Islamic Center in Chattanooga, TN and will be addressing a group of Islamics on Tuesday as to their “civil rights” in the company of the Knoxville, TN FBI Director, Kenneth Moore.

Killian has refused to present evidence of crimes on the part of public officials in his district to the two sitting federal grand juries in Knoxville, and the Knoxville FBI has ignored audio proof that judges are breaking the law on a routine basis in the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee.

Early in the regime, Putative Attorney General Eric Holder made a “quiet visit” to young Muslims in California.  Following the shooting at the Sikh temple last year, Holder decried “acts of vandalism and violence against Muslims, Arabs…” He specifically referred to the “First Amendment rights” of Islamics in “a Tennessee County,” the same county where the Islamic Center eventually opened and Killian spoke.  After 14 Islamics were charged with acts of terrorism, Holder told a group of Muslims that “Members of the American Muslim community have been – and continue to be – strong partners in fighting this emerging threat. They have regularly denounced terrorist acts and those who carry them out. And they have provided critical assistance to law enforcement in helping to disrupt terrorist plots and combat radicalization.”

However, Holder has withheld documents relating to groups with ties to The Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of the United States, to Congress as well as on Fast & Furious, a gunrunning operation which killed at least one American and several hundred Mexicans.

Holder has refused to uphold voter intimidation laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) without congressional action.

Holder and Killian have clearly attempted to deprive whites, Christians and others of their First Amendment rights by threatening with prosecution anyone “who post(s) inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.”

Free speech is protected by the First Amendment, including against Islam.

The Obama regime has “controlled” the corporate media since the 2008 presidential campaign, enlisting its help in proclaiming the danger of  “Sovereign Citizens” and “militia extremists.”

A training program in use by the U.S. Army revealed that Christians, including evangelicals and Catholics, were considered “extremists.”  Fitzpatrick stated that the Obama regime is training the military to “go after its own countrymen.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is under investigation for allegations of violating the Hatch Act.  Former Obama EPA director Lisa Jackson resigned after it was discovered that she used a fake name and email account to conduct government business, ostensibly to avoid public scrutiny.

New Rules of Engagement issued by generals under Obama have been reported to have contributed to a higher number of American deaths than before the rules were instituted.  Parents of soldiers lost in a helicopter crash in Warmak Province, Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 have been told that their sons’ mission was to “win the hearts and minds” of Islamics, not fight the enemy.

No one other than Barack Hussein Obama could have issued an order instructing the U.S. military to stop carrying out contingency plans to rescue Americans trapped in a Benghazi, Libya compound after Islamic terrorists launched an attack on September 11 of last year.  The White House will not say what Obama was doing that evening.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that Obama would have been notified instantly of the attack, contrary to sworn testimony of then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, who said they “did not have enough information” to dispatch the military to assist the Benghazi victims.

Military commanders Adm. Charles Gaouette and Gen. Carter Ham, who refused to follow Obama’s stand-down order, were relieved of their respective commands.

IRS employees said that they were “following directions,” apparently from Washington, DC.

Some say that Obama is a “closet totalitarian,” while others are more open about the “totalitarian regime” association.


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  1. I will bet you 10 bucks that when the Kenyan finds out about ALL this, he will say ” I am outraged” ! Then he will play golf.

  2. High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, murder. How many more military and civilians will have to die before the Obama pretense/coverups end and prosecution for crimes will begin on this criminal scandal group intent on destroying America?

  3. With each passing day the list lengthens. Not one department in the aka Obama regime operates with Constitutional, patriotic values in mind. Au contraire. When all the evildoing of the past four and a half years is laid bare, the entire world will be aghast.